Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs

Posted: April 8, 2020

Unlike the medical options offered by Big Pharma and mainstream medicine there are natural cures. Unfortunately, most of our doctors either don’t share, or don’t know about them. I’ve got a secret to share with you called The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs.

Most doctors, simply treat the symptoms but don’t cure disease. This book focuses on remedies that treat the underlying causes of illness and disease.

Can you imagine having a book at your fingertips that helps you heal naturally? It enables you to get to the root of your problem, thereby eliminating it once and for all.

I’ve relied on this book for my entire family. It’s literally my go-to when someone has anything from a rash to a pain. Even a fever or a stomach issue.

Paul Beals, M.D., C.C.N. of Georgetown University School of Medicine checked out this publication. He was so impressed to discover that every alternative treatment and healing breakthrough was thoroughly researched. And, that every article was meticulously fact-checked and verified for its effectiveness.

He now regards the book as “… the ‘gold standard’ … the ‘bible’ for alternative medicine.”


Dr. Beals says, “I was really fortunate a few years ago to come across ‘the gold standard.” It’s been my bible’ for alternative medicine and nutrition”.

Over my 30 years of alternative medicine, I’ve never seen a resource like this one. Every home should have this book, and so should every doctors office!


This one-of-a-kind book written in plain simple language features a number of scientifically proven treatment options. These options are either unknown, or ignored by mainstream medicine.

You’ll want to take a look here at this cutting edge book of medical breakthroughs.

All health issues do not require a trip to the doctor. And frankly, I’ve used many of the tools and guidelines in this book to heal many problems.

My parents, friends and co-workers call me for my advice. All I really do is open my Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and help them out.

Why wait until you’re on hold at the doctors office? Wouldn’t you be more comfortable knowing you’ve got tried and true healing methods at home?

Pain and disorders affect us all at one time or another. Some health issues are not going to last and others need immediate attention. I’ve got an autoimmune disorder and symptoms that go with it.

I’m urging you to click on the link and feel a bit of relief when you know that you’ll have answers at your fingertips!

Now is the time to take your health more seriously than ever!

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