Energizing Superfoods for Your Body

Posted: May 6, 2019

Energizing Superfoods for your body, are foods with benefits. Benefits for more energy. Benefits that support weight loss. Benefits that ward off disease and boost immunity.

No workout program or lifestyle should be without energizing SUPERFOODS as the ones in my 21 Day Ageless Energy Meal Plan.

With all of the trendy diets these days, it’s no wonder we are confused. Should we eat more fats, or less? Should we omit all dairy or eat yogurt daily? What are we supposed to think when it changes every time we get the hang of it.

And, do any of these named diets produce lifelong results?

I have a thyroid disorder and have already gone through menopause. I did cardio for hours and ate low-fat decades ago, only to gain weight. I did heavy weight lifting and got injured.

I have now been in the field and coached women into weight loss and energy gains, for over 20+ years. I am a female fat loss and energy expert coach!

If you omit entire food groups, surely you’ll lose weight. But if the weight loss is too fast, and you are too tired to exercise, then you’ll end up losing muscle. This is the time to bring on energizing superfoods.

Without muscle, we age quickly and look weak and frail. Skinny is not sexy. But a fast metabolic rate with a youthful and vital body is!

If you want more energy, a grocery list that you can use for life, and recipes that will make you feel, move and look great CLICK HERE FOR YOUR 21 DAY AGELESS ENERGY MEAL PLAN.

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in bodies we love for life!

Coach Dawn

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