Exciting tips for looking 15 years younger!

Posted: October 6, 2015

Want to look AND feel 15 years younger? Of course you are nodding yes…but I bet with a little bit of skepticism right? I am a woman over 50. Two days ago, I went to pick up my son at Michigan State University from his job. One by one, he brought 4 different kids out to meet me, and with each one, whispered in their ear something that had each and every one of them saying “NO WAY!” 

He was whispering my age. 

Now sometimes I would like to be introduced to the friends first, but I know that my son is proud of me. He gets my energy levels and how I live, and even though he wouldn’t say it to me, I know he is “showing me off”…that is his way of telling me that he is proud of me. And guess what…it feels good. I also know that I am showing my son, not preaching, how to live long and strong by how I eat, how I exercise and that I know that our health is the most important “gift” you can give to yourself.

What is my secret? I have many, AND I am a fitness professional that has worked with women for over 18 years. I coach and train them into a mindset that their bodies follow. I have helped hundreds, no, make that thousands of women just like you into transforming their bodies into youthful, strong ones.

With simple daily steps that not only knock off years, but knock off pounds, inches AND add a zest for life that was long forgotten. YES, you can get back the vitality you had in your youth. Unfortunately, we are all to often mislead by false promises and quick fix ideas that we fall for.

I coach moms, grandma’s, and women that are business owners, stay at home moms, teachers, lawyers, artists and women in politics…

My point is that YOU are coachable too. Even if you have tried diets, fads and all of the latest Hollywood “named” books and plans…you still are missing out on some super easy steps to a more youthful you, and I am very excited to be able to share them with you.

1. Organic pressed coconut oil could literally be “the fountain of youth” if you are a woman over 40. I put 1 tablespoon in my coffee every morning, and also massage it into my skin (elbows and feet especially.) This medium chain triglyceride will not be stored as fat, and has a host of metabolic raising qualities too many to mention in this article.

2. Eat lean protein with EVERY meal. Want lean and firm curves that STAY strong instead of flabby as you age? Keep the protein coming.

3. Exercise for no more than 20-30 minutes, 3-4 times weekly. Yes ladies, too much of a good thing is hard on your body. Cardio for hours only pulls everything towards gravity…NOT what we want. It is also too hard on an aging body and will get rid of muscle…the exact opposite of what an aging body requires.

Recovery is key. People assume that I exercise every day for hours. Completely the opposite. I want to preserve my precious muscle tissue and get the rest in between to recover. I also supplement with age old remedies that the healthiest and most vital women in the world use…

To access your most vital, sexy, lean and strong body, and for a blueprint plan that guides you with simple daily steps for 30 days of turning back the clock so that you feel younger than you have in years…click HERE!

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong as women,

your friend and coach  Dawn.

p.s. Forget diets. Forget cardio. Both of those are aging and energy zappers. 
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