Excuses Won’t Change Your Body, Your Inner Voice Will

Posted: May 11, 2013

I am really happy that you are reading this, for as you know, we all make excuses. Excuses will never give you the change you are looking for. If you are reading this then you most likely want to know why you keep coming up with reasons why you cannot do something positive for your body. I really believe it has everything to do with our inner voice. Isn’t it fascinating that we have a voice in our heads that only we can hear? Right now, I am saying in my head…whatever I am typing. Right off the top of my head. It is my inner voice.

Yesterday was a great example. Someone brought in doughnuts to the salon where I do hair. (oh yeah, I have been a hairstylist for 24 years, in addition to a personal trainer, and recent gym owner.) I actually love doughnuts. However, I knew that I had missed a few workouts in the days previous to those doughnuts sitting on that plate next to the coffee machine. For a minute I said to myself “hmm, those doughnuts smell great, and they are just the little ones”…then when I realized that I had given myself a “disclaimer” as in the words “just the little ones”…I walked away from them. I said “I have the power to walk away from these since I know that I won’t feel better after I eat one.” I know that this is how people justify what they eat, or drink, or why they don’t get to the gym. That inner voice controls us.

So, how do we get that inner voice to stop “making” us choose the wrong thing? How do we change it from repeating excuses to repeating positive options? We keep practicing words that will reflect what we really want to become. I have post it notes in secret places that will catch me off guard like in my makeup box, and on my nightstand. They have small but mighty words on them. “Strength is empowering”….”I am in control of my health”…”I am capable of making healthy choices in my diet”…things that when said often enough, are what I believe. This is not a new practice. People that have studied psychology for years and people that meditate do this because they know that it works. It is powerful to give yourself permission to do something healthy. It is even more powerful to realize that what we say, becomes what we are. Imagine if you spent your day with that inner voice telling you that you were capable of getting stronger every day, and able to eat foods that nourish your body? Imagine if you completely stopped cutting yourself down, and beating yourself up? What would that look like at the end of a day? What possibilities would that open up for you?

I believe it would open up a world of options. These options could mean that your new inner voice, or script would propel you into a powerful change. Maybe a new job opportunity, maybe a more intense workout plan, maybe finally being able to drop some body fat. All with the power coming from you. So here is the starting point. Don’t think that this is dumb, or that it “won’t work for me”, that is another excuse. Right now, think of 3 sentences that will empower you to change. Right them down on a piece of paper. Put them where you can see them, maybe in your car, in your wallet, or on your bathroom mirror. The idea is to put them in a place that they would be seen often. When you see them, read them. Then read them again. Do this every day. It’s a little exercise that may help you to stop repeating excuses as to why you can’t do something, and replace your mind with words of things that you can do.

Since the idea is to empower with only good thoughts, we will not ever use the words “can’t or won’t”.
Here are a few ideas that you might want to use, or come up with ones that you struggle with on your own.

I am strong enough to go to the gym today.

I will only drink water today.

I can run around the block at least one time.

I am able to push myself harder than ever at the gym today.

I will only eat foods today that my body needs for energy.

I am lucky that I am able to walk for at least half an hour, and will do that today.

I will eat fruit when I crave something sweet today.

I will only spend money on foods and supplements today that will make my body stronger and healthier.

These are just examples. Notice most of them end with “today”. These are words that hopefully become habits. They are words that when repeated often in place of excuses, will lead to the change that you want to see in your body. This is how healthy, fit, and strong minded people succeed. You have the power to do this too. Now go ahead, make your list right now. No excuses.

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