Fall Prevention for Seniors

Posted: August 27, 2020

One of the most common reasons for seniors to end up in the hospital is from a fall. Fall prevention for seniors should be mandatory…but so far is not.

Are you worried about your balance? Scared you might fall?

If you are over 50, or approaching it, there is actually a likelihood that a fall could REALLY impact your life.

Ending up in a nursing home for rehab is a real fear of the elderly. (UGH!) Or, you could even just chip a bone, or worse? You could bump your head…break a wrist or throw our your back…

I’ve seen it happen, and frankly that is one of the biggest reasons that I became a personal trainer and coach people over 40.

Fall prevention for seniors is preventative and every one of US over 40, should be practicing this.

From tripping over a rug in your home, to missing a step on the basement stairs….a fall can happen to any of us.

A medical study from 2014 found that there are certain exercises you can do, that are gentle, easy-to-do, and only require a few minutes a day, and they can help:

● improve your balance

● prevent falls

● stabilize your core

● strengthen your legs

● increase your confidence

● reduce your fear of falling

● even create a positive, upward health spiral for you!

>>>This article talks about the 2014 study and the exercises.

As with anything, preparing is the key and preventing is what will keep you on your feet and mindful of your surroundings while keeping your core, balance and body strong!

Confidence as we age comes from a strong and resilient body and mind…make sure that is YOU!

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong for life!
Coach Dawn

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