Fastest Way to Look Younger

Posted: August 25, 2020

Women don’t have it as easy as men do when it comes to aging. There’s the weight gain after 40. Then there’s the struggle with hormones and moods. But the one thing that most women miss the boat on, and the fastest way to look younger is this. Adding muscle.

Muscle is what keeps you looking younger. Fitter and leaner. It’s what raises your resting metabolic rate and burns calories.

However, adding lean muscle tissue to your frame does MUCH more than that.

I’m not referring to bulky and gigantic muscles that men have. Exactly the opposite. What I’m referring to is the tight and young looking body that you feel was long ago.

Here’s how I have shifted my body to be able to wear a bikini at 60 in under 10 minutes daily!

It makes a soft body look more firm. And, it makes a weak body look and feel more confident.

I have coached women over 35 and up to 80 for over 20 years. In the gym that I co-own with my husband, I take my clients through a range of movement patterns that strengthen weak muscles that have no tone.

Although most women say they want to lose weight and look more “toned”, what they really need is bigger muscles.


As we age, we begin to lose muscle mass at a significant rate.

We spend more time sitting and less time moving. Not only do we sit for long periods of time…we eat less and follow trendy diets that deplete even more muscle.

Imagine having a perky rear end, a flat belly and lean legs. What would it feel like to slide into a pair of skinny jeans and not have to untuck your shirt?
It is possible, but most likely you’ve been mislead.

Eating less and exercising more to burn calories is not the answer.

The fastest way to look younger is by adding on lean muscle tissue with my simple follow along workout routine.

This program only takes 10 minutes a day!
When you realize what you’ve done isn’t working…you’re smart enough to do something new. Right?

Click here to discover the fastest way to firm up, flatten your belly…and, restore your confidence.

I’ll be your coach as you build lean feminine muscles, that energize your body and mind so that you can look younger soon.

Coach Dawn

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