Fat Loss after Menopause

Posted: April 3, 2018

If a woman is overweight in youth, and she struggles with fat loss, fat loss after menopause will be tough. Since hormones are in charge of how we feel, look and move…it’s important to have a female fat loss plan that is made BY a female!

I have spent over 25 years coaching women into lifestyles of wellness. Not by following strict diets and exercising for hours, but finding balance in food, sleep, stress and movement.

Hormones ARE responsible for so much of our lives. From nausea in the morning to craving sweets. When hormones are out of whack, we seem to be in a constant battle of weight gain, and energy loss. This makes fat loss after menopause difficult if we don’t already have taken charge of our bodies as it relates to nutrition.

Notice I am not talking about just weight loss? I’m talking about how you feel and what you can do to feel AND look better.  Don’t let the scale be your guide.

A pair of snug jeans, how you feel and how you move is a better way to see how your body burns through calories.  I am not an advocate of counting calories, however, I DO think we should count how often we eat sugar, and how often we eat veggies.

If you are struggling with fat loss after menopause and want a solid plan that isn’t a strict diet or calorie counting plan I can help.

If you start to build a stronger body from the inside out, with short exercise sessions a few times weekly,  you will change your relationship with food while feeling energized and losing belly fat.

Belly fat is the biggest issue with women after menopause and that gadget on your wrist will not help you lose it.

Listen to how I have changed thousands of women’s lives with a plan you can follow for life!


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