Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

Posted: April 14, 2011

Are you still one of the uninformed that constantly diets to loose weight? Or are you savvy, and well versed about how to loose unwanted body fat, eat right,( and enough) while building muscle? There is a huge difference! Dieting by restricting calories and skipping meals, will force your body to store fat. Yes, that is correct, and what is worse, the more times you do this, the better your body gets at holding onto fat. You go on a diet, loose weight, gain it back, over and over again, “training” your body to gain more weight each time in the form of fat! Learn the difference. Loosing weight (muscle, water, and maybe a bit of fat), and loosing fat (fat, and only fat) are a very different scenario. Once again, the calories your body needs, are determined by your activity levels, the amount of muscle you want to gain, or the amount of fat you want to loose, with a bit of genetics thrown in.

We are predisposed to a certain body type, but research shows that we have the ability to “outsmart” our genes and alter whether or not we are fit, or fat! We need to stay educated, and stop using excuses. It doesn’t matter if all of your family members are overweight, break that cycle! ” Impossible to loose weight with my hours”, “too expensive to eat healthy”……I’ve heard them all. Bodies don’t just make fat on their own, and no, we don’t look at a piece of cake and find it on our hips! Just as you won’t build muscle from eating chicken breasts and laying on a couch! It is up to you to make positive, healthy changes on a daily basis.Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Cookbook: Delicious Recipes That Will Burn Fat and Re-Shape Your Body! This is a great addition to any kitchen. She is an amazing woman that a lot of women can identify with. At one point she was heavy, depressed, and had health issues. She is now fit, energized and living a very active life! (And probably for a lot longer!)

It is possible to eat a clean, calorie “controlled” diet, implemented with a progressive strength training program, and within a reasonable time, shed loads of body fat! It takes dedication, perseverance, will power, and probably a real good look in the mirror. Look at your physical lifestyle, and look at your eating habits. You need a plan. Then you need the only thing that makes a difference, the follow through.

Whether you want to put on a bikini this summer, or just stop hiding behind oversized clothes, or if you want to be strong and healthy, start your plan now. Use the tools I have given you in previous posts. Keep track of your eating habits, and workouts in a log. Chart your progress and your success. Be honest, and stop making excuses. Enough of the tomorrows, and the next Mondays, start NOW!

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