Fattening Sports Drinks

Posted: September 4, 2016

Pre and post workout drinks are everywhere and in the hands of a lot of top athletes. However, if you are not trying out for the olympics, then you might be holding onto fattening sports drinks that prevent you from getting to your weight loss goals.

Let me put this simply. Sugar in any form is going to shift your body into fat storage instead of fat burning. Your blood sugar will raise and you will produce insulin which is a fat storage hormone. I know that it is necessary to replace electrolytes and sodium and potassium after a really hard and long or intense workout. But most of you that are only working out for under an hour, don’t need an actual “sports drink.” You need water, and maybe a recovery shake right after that has a small banana and some grass fed protein powder…but not the store bought pre made stuff that is loaded with sugars. Those fattening sports drinks are keeping the weight on, and the muscle off.

If you are looking for workouts that build lean muscle tissue and get your body super fit, lean and ripped, EVEN if you are a new mom, a woman over 40, have a lot to lose or a little, or just don’t know what to try next…


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