Female Fat Loss Mistakes Women Make

Posted: August 19, 2016

Female Fat loss is an ongoing topic. Unfortunately what women do is usually a waste of time when it comes to weight loss. Besides that fact that they focus on “weight loss” instead of fat loss is a huge issue.

I have coached women for over 20+ years, and as an X- Cardio Junkie…and a trendy diet follower in my past…I can relate. I used to make all of the mistakes women make when it comes to fat loss.

From too much cardio, to not enough food, I was exhausting myself and wasting time, money and confidence on what everyone else was doing…and none of it worked.

Here is a video interview with Shawna K, as both of us discuss the female fat loss mistakes women make and give the tips and tools to help women over 35, shed unwanted flab, to feel and look better…without ever stepping into a gym!


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