Female over 40 Fitness

Posted: December 16, 2019

If you’re a female over 40, then your New Years Resolution should start now. Female over 40 fitness, should be a daily plan to an energized life with balanced hormones.

You’ve most likely tried all of the top named diets for a bit right?. It’s time for you to Stop.

Here you’ll be able to start really simple.

Eat for energy. Exercise to get stronger, leaner and sexier. Live a life of confidence!


I used to follow calorie cutting diets, and did tons of cardio.

What a waste of time and boy did that make me feel exhausted.

At 60 now…I feel and look better than I did when I was 40!

Coaching women only for 20+years has helped me realize we all want the same thing.

More energy. (CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS TO AN ENERGY BLUEPRINT), and a lean and fit body that feels, moves and looks great!

Ladies…if you are ready to go into 2020 with a new body, you have to change your mind first.

What that means is this. Ditch your old ideas of eating less and exercising more.

Get rid of the trendy diets with names. Begin a lifestyle that doesn’t have the words “cheat” in it.

You want to feel happy, confident and vital right? How can you do that when you’re too tired to exercise, or hate what’s on your plate?

I’ve created three digital products for women, after researching and asking what women wished they had.

Female over 40 Fitness is not something a 20 something dude created…but a plan that works for US!

You’ll find what you need below! So be ready to forget a New Year’s Resolution that makes you feel you are a failure!

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FINAL FAT MELTDOWN – 30 Days to Weight loss with follow-along home workouts that take 20 minutes + meals and grocery lists. This is for the person who’s hormones are keeping them from losing weight and feeling energized!

7 MINUTE AGELESS BODY SECRET – Too tired to workout? Feel you’ve gotten flabby and weak with age? These follow along workouts sculpt lean muscle tissue so that you can tone and reshape without hours of cardio.

THE THYROID FACTOR – It took me years to get diagnosed with my low thyroid. I created a “blueprint” of questions to ask your health care practitioner with tips, tools, meals, and workouts to revive your sluggish body and take back control.

With 20+ years in the industry and owning a gym, I have coached women over 40 into how to follow what their body needs. Not trends that come and go.

Live long and strong in a body you love for life!
Coach Dawn

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