Female Pelvic Power Masterclass

Posted: June 5, 2020

If there’s one good thing that’s come of the situation we’re in right now…You are home and can heal your most embarrassing female health issues. That’s why now is the best time ever to heal with the Female Pelvic Power Masterclass!

The good news is that we’re not taking our health for granted anymore. Especially when it comes to our most private parts!


I know that I have been coaching people on what foods and exercises keep you strong while sitting all day. And, what foods to eat the most of to have energy while stressed.
As a female coach, I know that a lot of us are emotional eaters and I want to take care of my girls!

It’s been a “wake up call” that there’s no better time than NOW to prioritize your health and well being. 

So if you’re a woman who’s been putting off taking care of pain, leaking, or discomfort “down there”…There’s no better time than NOW to start!

Especially because you don’t need to go to the doctor’s office to do it – everything you need to heal is right there at home. 

My friend and colleague Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS has helped 14,704 women (to date) heal completely from sexual pain, incontinence, and other “lady parts” problems…WITHOUT meds, surgery, or injections.

And she wants to show YOU how to do the same thing (without leaving your house – super important right now!) in a BRAND-NEW online Masterclass: 

The NEW Pelvic Power Masterclass:  5 Easy Steps to End Leaking, Heal Prolapse, and Relieve Intimacy Pain In The Comfort of Your Own Home

In this free (yes, really!) masterclass you’ll discover:

  • Why NOW is the time to heal your pelvic floor (because it’s the “Grand Central Station” for your entire body and can have major effects on your health – I was blown away when Isa explained this to me!)
  • How to know in just 42 seconds what your “down there” type is (and what to do about it!) Many women are doing the WRONG things for their type and it’s preventing them from healing, or even causing more damage!
  • The RIGHT way to do a Kegel that relieves pain, burning, or tightness in your lady parts. (Most women are doing Kegels wrong – find out why and how to easily fix it!)
  • The simple massage technique that all women must know (especially if you have ANY pain or discomfort with intimacy).
  • The one exercise all women should be doing to stop leaking and improve pelvic power. The great news is that it can be done in under one minute a day.
  • And much more…

Go here to save your FREE and PRIVATE seat now!

Attending the Masterclass is the BEST thing you can do for your pelvic health right now if you’re a woman over 30  (and especially if you have leaking, discomfort, pressure, pain, or prolapse down there.)

So if you’re interested in finally taking back control of your pelvic health…

Or you’re just curious about WHY what Isa teaches is so different and revolutionary…

Save your spot by clicking here now for the free Masterclass!

I love taking care of my ladies, and this is something that NO woman should ever have to suffer from.

I promise you are not alone and this class is private and you can follow it in the comfort of your own home 🙂
Sending you much love and healing,


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