Firm and Flat Belly after Menopause?

Posted: July 9, 2018

Women approaching Menopause are nervous. As if the hormonal imbalances were not enough, we wonder if you can possibly have a firm and flat belly after menopause…

I say yes!

Here’s me at 56 years of age. I am strong. I have a thyroid disorder, and I used to weight a lot more.

It took years for me to do things right.
I used to diet and do tons of cardio, sending me into a fatigue and body that I didn’t recognize. I was in my late 30s when this started and I made many mistakes in trying to get my old youthful body back.

A firm and flat belly is a sign of youth right? A firm and flat belly after menopause,  is something that doesn’t come naturally for most, although some women might be thin…they are not strong or firm.

In my gym, I only coach women. I know that we struggle with hormones and moods, balancing life and more. That is why I have been creating products and plans for women over 40 for years.

Now maybe you are getting close to the big “M”, and maybe you are in the middle of it. It truly is different for us all, but it does change how we look at aging.

Don’t let Menopause and belly fat take over. You CAN take charge of your hormones, you can have your energy levels brought back to life…and you can feel and look amazing, no matter what you have struggled with in the past.

If you have looked in the mirror and not liked what you see, or feel like your body is changing rapidly…I want to help.

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