Posted: February 20, 2012

FLAB FREE-A body that is sculpted and lean, with just enough fat.

FIT-Cardiovascularly strong, and possessing muscular curves.

FEMININE- Strong, confident, and sexy.

Enter Weight training. It creates confidence. Being strong is empowering and sexy. These are traits all women should own. Taking care of your physical body is a choice. It should be a priority. If you keep your body strong, and lean with exercise…..nourished with healthy foods, everything in life will be better. You will make a better partner, wife, mother, or girlfriend, because you will make YOU a priority. When you possess a flab free, fit, feminine body, you can accomplish many things. You can do this because you are already a hard worker, and know what things matter. When you make the choice to take charge of your physical body, something great will change in your mind. You will be calmer, happier, and have more energy. You will exude confidence, and want to be around like minded people.

Strength Training is a great mental outlet. It challenges your body, therefore it challenges your mind. Planning workouts, and looking forward to what it feels like to breathe hard, sweat, and get stronger will create a flab free, fit and feminine body. You will have better brain power, sleep better, and have more energy!

How to start? Make a plan. Don’t just say, “I’m going to start being healthy”, or “I’ve got to get a gym membership”. Set a goal. Make it realistic, and write it down. If you can’t be accountable to yourself, who will trust you with anything else? Hire a trainer in the beginning. You need someone that can push you past your comfort zone, and that has the knowledge of how to start you in the right plan. Don’t just think you can “wing it”. Once you make the commitment, do it right. Join a bootcamp, or a class of people with the same goals. Forget the “I want to lose weight” line. Start saying I want to get strong, fit, lean and healthy.

The top key in REALLY changing your body is progression, and sticking to a plan. If you still look like you looked last year, or worse…….it is time to change. You know the line..If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you already have. Change, Plan, Progress. Action will create positive results.

Flab free, fit and feminine can be you. It has two, and only two main components. Nutrition, and Exercise. Not mindless cardio, but lifting weights. Getting strong, creating muscle. This is how you will spike your metabolism, and change your body. Walking is means of getting from point A, to point B. It will not change your body. Even if you are not in shape, are very heavy, or very weak…..YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM STRENGTH TRAINING! Three pound weights……..ditch them. Bicep curls, sit ups, and all of those lame, easy type of “work outs”, forget them. Stop wasting your time and do what matters. Functional strength training movements that involve the biggest muscles is how you will start to see changes. Squats, Pull ups, Push ups, Dead Lifts, Rows, Lunges…..all of the things that get your heart pounding, and your body sweating are the things that will make the difference. Whether you start with your own bodyweight in a circuit fashion, and progress to heavier weights, or better yet, mix it up…….this is how you will change your body.
Intensity, perseverance, good nutrition, and a well laid plan is how you will become


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