Flatten Your Inflammation Belly

Posted: January 9, 2017

Did you know that the most common reason men have a beer gut or women have a pouch belly is because of inflammation in your gut? Literally… If you want to flatten your inflammation belly, then you have to look inside for answers. We are so loaded with toxins and invaders that our bodies are actually trying to resist weight loss and keep belly bloat instead of the opposite. 

Inflammation belly starts when we are young. From poor food choices to not enough good bacteria in our intestines we have guts, beer bellies, pooches, and flab…(whatever you want to call it) that looks and feels horrible!

As you diet, eat diet foods, or even worse….keep on eating toxins,

Your intestines get inflamed and push your belly out making you look significantly fatter than you actually are!

If you can remember how your belly looks after you have the flu for a few days and can’t eat,

then this is actually how your belly should look all the time if you know how to remove the inflammation. So…

Today I wanted to share this with you in case you wanted to shrink your belly bulge…

=> Do This One Trick to Flatten Your Inflammation Belly 

Are you tired of trying to hide this under clothes?

Forget any New Year’s resolution until you take care of the insides of your belly first.

Sharing ways for us to be lean, sexy and strong…no matter our age, or what we’ve tried in the past!

-Coach Dawn

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