Fountain of Youth Morning Drink

Posted: November 9, 2022

Are you aging faster than you’d like? And, every time you look in the mirror, you seem to see another wrinkle, or another extra roll around your waistline? Chances are if you’re female and nearing 40, your metabolism is in the tank, and your energy levels need a boost. At 63 years young, I have found the fountain of youth, morning drink!

Is your hair is shedding, and does your skin looks older than your years, despite expensive creams and routines? You, like many women, are most likely deficient in nutrients. Especially a certain nutrient that I have found is missing in most women’s diets if they are over 40.

Furthermore, If you’ve added in trendy diets along the way, you’re missing out on something that your body needs to stay leaner, more toned, and stronger…

…with better hair, skin, and nails.

As a gym-owner, female coach for 25+ years, and a woman that can still wear a bikini that is well past 50…

I have seen women make one of the biggest mistakes 

that is aging them faster, 

causing their weight gain, 

shutting down their metabolic rates, 

and making them simply look older.

It’s literally the key to a more youthful body – It is protein.

But not just any protein – 

But – a perfect ratio of protein, and organic superfoods, that knock off the years faster than you’d ever dream.

Now, if you were trying to eat all that you’d need

to turn back the clock and feel energized and lean,

you’d need to eat cups, and cups….and cups 

of chicken, meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, berries and fats daily.

Just to take in the proper ratio of superfoods…to get to the body of your dreams.

Not realistic for a busy woman like you right?

But what if I told you that I get EVERYTHING I need 

from one simple step daily, 

that I whip up in a blender – 

that tastes delicious and creamy…

…like a decadent milkshake that I shouldn’t be having.

I am still drinking this every morning, with a bit of ice, in a blender…and it tastes delicious!

And, after just turning 63, actually blushed when a 19-year-old girl said she didn’t think I was even 40 yet!

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