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Posted: November 9, 2022

Did you know that inflammation is the #1 cause of chronic disease and accelerated aging, according to the World Health Organization? Read on about what inflammation causes. And, then be sure to click here to get your free guide with 5 anti-inflammatory


Recent studies have shown that inflammation is also the #1st cause of death in the United States!

That’s because most chronic diseases from cancer to arthritis, memory loss, autoimmune disease and digestive disease — can stem from inflammation.

Inflammation is also a cause for advanced and accelerated aging.

The one that leads to saggy skin, wrinkles, low energy, and excessive weight gain!

Fortunately, there is an easy way to get the inflammation under control:

If you want to protect yourself from inflammation and premature aging and disease, our friends at Zonia have a groundbreaking complimentary masterclass. You can watch it for free and learn about how to turn off inflammation and slow down aging, calledThe CEO of Aging.” 

Inside this free masterclass, world-class expert on aging and inflammation Dr. Ron Rosendale will reveal how you can literally press your “stop button” for aging.

You will learn simple tips on keeping  inflammation under control. 

Register to watch The CEO of Aging Masterclass at no cost here.

When you register for this Masterclass today, you will also get a complimentary eBook. This free book has yummy treats that are proven to fight against aging and inflammation.

Download 5 Anti-Inflammatory Drinks You Can Sip All Day Long now.

When you grab your recipes, you’ll also get a front seat to “The CEO of Aging” masterclass 

 Don’t you hate how society pressures people over 40, especially women to “defy aging” and “look younger”? 

Here’s a cold, hard truth: more than $16 billions get spent each year on cosmetic surgeries. These are (liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, and facelifts) in the U.S. alone!

It’s more than just a crying shame; it’s a money-making racket to the core. One built on making people feel like their worst selves.

But you don’t have to buy into it!

There are a lot of ways to slow (and possibly even reverse!) biological aging and inflammation without ever bothering with surgery. 

For example, just the act of fueling your body with the “building blocks” of macro and micronutrients. The ones that are required for repair and recovery, and will often lead to massive rejuvenation and reduction of low-grade inflammation.

Science has the secrets; it’s up to us all to unlock the answers. 

Dr. Ron Rosedale reveals in his groundbreaking free Masterclass one such answer – the “magic anti-aging button. ” He shows us how to turn back the clock on biological aging and how to protect your body down to the cellular level.

This “magic longevity button” isn’t just going to slow the march of time—it could very well reverse it.

Learn about the science behind this longevity button – and see the astonishing results from people like you. It might just save your life as well. 

Discover the ‘game-changing button’ that men and women over 40 are utilizing to turn back the clock. Get your free guide with 5 anti-inflammatory drinks you can sip all day long here.

See you at the CEO of Aging, Masterclass soon!

Coach Dawn

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