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Posted: October 30, 2016

Do you realized that most store bought smoothies contain as much sugar as a can of coke! My friend and New York Times Best Seller,Jonathan Baylor’s 99 FREE WEIGHT LOSS SMOOTHIES are recipes that have ingredients that not only support weight loss, but will cleanse, detoxify, and reboot your sluggish metabolic rate.

The media makes us think that certain foods are “healthy” and will get you to your fit and lean body goals. When it comes to smoothies, this is one of the worst “store bought” or cafe’ tricks to get you to thinking you are drinking something that will help you lose weight.

The fact is, you will be raising your blood sugar, making your body more prone to fat storage instead of weight loss, and sabotaging your energy levels. When we drink sugar, we start an overload of the hormones that promote fat storage and higher insulin levels. The next thing that happens is you “crash and burn” and go into a state of craving MORE sugar! Exactly the wrong thing for weight loss.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS VIDEO and see why 99 FREE WEIGHT LOSS SMOOTHIES is $49 on Amazon, but can be yours for free while still available.

I drink a weight loss smoothie every day…sometimes even two. They keep me full, keep me energized and cost pennies compared to the sugar laden ones from stores and cafes. Stop weight gain in it’s tracks. Do what the fitness pros do to maintain their sexy bodies before and after workouts, for breakfast pick me ups and snacks…Smoothies are it!

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