Posted: September 14, 2012

Functional Strength is something you need. Functional Strength is the ability to lift, bend, twist, stretch, and move without injury. Functional Strength is something that if you do not build now, you will not be able to take care of yourself into old age. With that being said, you absolutely have to engage in some physical demand, in a controlled way, by lifting weights at least a couple of times a week. Placing a demand on your joints, bones, and muscles, is exactly how you will KEEP your muscle, instead of having it atrophy as you age. A plan that progresses into getting stronger is exactly how you will be flexible, and prevent injury while being able to perform daily activities.

 As we age, it is said that we lose approximately 5 % of our muscle mass every decade after 30! This does not happen if you are strength training. This does not even count the muscle that is lost after a fall, an accident, or surgery. When you are sedentary for long periods of time, that % is much larger, and is often why we end up with extra bodyfat. More muscle equals a higher metabolism. No wonder that every year, it seems harder to keep the weight off, even when you are eating the same. Let me be sure you understand that I am not talking about all of a sudden becoming some power lifter, or some muscle bound gym rat that cannot tie his own shoes! What I am talking about is building a foundation of strength that protects you as you age. Building a body (at any age) that gets stronger, instead of weaker. Whether it be carting bags of dirt and mulch yourselves, to lifting kids and grandchildren, you must have a foundation of strength to be able to KEEP doing those things without and injury.

I am amazed at how many people in their 30’s and 40’s “throw out their back” getting a gallon of milk out of the car, or gardening, or doing something simple. Of course you can say that you will have a gardener, or have your kids do the chores, or whatever excuse you are coming up with right now, but let me give you a simple task. This is a little test that I give to all of my clients, and they are blown away when they cannot perform this simple task. This tells a lot about your state of balance, and your state of strength right now.

Sit in a folding chair.
Sit with your back against the chair, legs touching the floor, comfortably as if you were just sitting there.
Extend one leg out in front of you parallel to the floor.
NOW…..stand up, unassisted using only the other leg to push you up to a standing position.
Well? Can you do it?  Did you tip over?
Did you stand up?
What does that tell you?

What it tells me, (unless you are of the few that can do that SIMPLE task) is that you are weak.
Yes, your abdominals, your legs, your glutes, and your balance is non-existent. At least not existent enough to think that you don’t need functional strength.
Now, imagine that you have a broken arm, or a shoulder injury, an abdominal surgery, or worse……
How do you think you will take care of yourself? Will someone be there to help you with every day tasks, like getting in and out of a chair, a tub, or a bed?
Sometimes people need scare tactics. It is not my intention to scare you at all. Maybe just make you realize how by doing nothing to get stronger……….you will only get weaker. That is how the body works.

It is NEVER too late to start a strength training program. This site is geared to give you information to get you, and keep you healthy and vital for many years. I am an anti-aging maniac! I plan on doing everything possible in my control to stay living, with strength and vitality til I am at least on this planet for 100 years. I will give you a few “take away steps” to get you moving in the right direction, now that I hopefully have you thinking that you MUST do something.

1. Sign in with your e-mail address above the red box that says sign up now. I will not share your e-mail. I will personally send you the best, easiest to follow tips on how to get, and stay healthy. This will come to you via e-mail a few times a month.

2. On the right of this page, you will also see the Constant Energy Fitness Store. Click on that to see everything from Weight Training Manuals, to Cook books, to DVD’s to Nutritional information. I have hand picked every single product on the site. I am familiar with them, and think they are great tools to have.

3. If you do not know how to start a training program, decide which method you would like to start with.
This is the tricky part. You must pick something, so go with something that you already like. Are you social? Then you might want to sign up for a class. Are you methodical, then purchase a “how to” manual for beginners, and chart your progress. Want to make sure you are getting the best…..hire a personal trainer, that has good credentials. Pick something that interests you, and DO IT! Enlist a friend, a spouse, or go it alone. Just make a commitment.

4. Subscribe to a magazine that gives you tips on how to keep, and maintain a healthy eating plan. NOT A DIET! My favorite magazines are Men’s, and Women’s Health. This magazine is great if you are 20, or 70! It has plans for working out, to supplement information, to grocery lists…..all geared towards a strong, fit, life!

I hope that you at least try the “standing up” experiment. Most people like to get other people to try it too. There are many ways to asses your level of functional strength. It is something that once you work towards getting stronger, you realize how many other parts of your life will be affected. Less sleepless nights. Less aches and pains. Less medication. Less Depression. A fit, flab free body with energy to enjoy life!

My goal is to give you information that makes your own health, something that you have taken control of, not the other way around. Forget a future of medication, and weakness. Commit now to making lifestyle, and lifelong changes.

Your body, and future will thank you!!


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