Functional Strength…for Building the BEST Body

Posted: April 18, 2014

Functional Strength is what you need for building the BEST body. We no longer only train by means of separating body parts, or going from upper to lower. Sure those workouts are good on some days, but who has the time to leave out a body part regularly? Besides, when you can use functional strength training to build the best body, why would you waste time on other methods.

Let’s get one thing straight. Functional strength utilizes all of your muscles. From the front to the back, the pushing and the pulling, the upper and the lower…you hit them all. Let us not forget the core, the stabilizers the antagonistic muscles and the cardiovascular system. What? The cardiovascular system? Yep. When you train the entire body as in with Kettlebell training, sandbags, explosive moves and exercises like these, you create an efficient machine. So why sit on one when working out?

Machines are good for a few things. Lat pulldowns and seated cable rows are my favorite. Cable crossovers for chest are also good, and you have to keep your entire body tight to maintain form so the core is engaged. However, if you want to really FEEL what an all out full body workout feels like with one tool, then grab a heavy kettlebell. Go from swings to deadllifts to rows to goblet squats. What you will get is stronger, leaner, more cardio efficient and more powerful. Instead of using a machine, you create one. YOU!

Most people that are trying to build the best body are concerned with the same things. Bigger muscles, and less fat. Most athletes are trying to get the same goals as well, being faster, stronger, having more endurance and more power. Both of these are created with functional strength.

Functional strength is for building the BEST body. Between lifting, pulling, pushing, dragging, twisting, jumping, carrying, bending, squatting, reaching, and throwing you will create all the things you are looking for when “shopping” for the best workout.

If you want to know where to build that body, then come to Michigan Kettlebells Strength & Training Center.
If you are looking for a small gym that is owned by a couple that is passionate about functional strength, passionate about coaching people past their comfort zones and makes every workout different, then come to Michigan Kettlebells Strength & Training Center.

Our coaches will push you hard, make you sweat, and help you create the strongest body of your dreams.
This is where you will put functional strength into action and build the BEST body on YOU!
Make that dream a reality.
Summer is right around the corner and there is no time to start like today!
Look in the mirror. Are you at the top of your game physically AND mentally?

See you soon.

Dawn & Craig Sylvester

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