Get Strong to Live Long

Posted: May 23, 2018

Weakness is a sign of aging. However, for you to live a vital life you have to GET STRONG to LIVE LONG.

Our diets are making us sick. We don’t have enough energy to work out, and we are too tired to do anything but go to doctors appointments and get medications. So…the circle continues in a downward spiral to weakness. What comes next? Nursing homes…more medication, depression and eventually death.

What can you do about this? 2 Things.

  1. Eat a whole foods based diet, loaded with organic produce and grass fed proteins, and moderate healthy fats.
  2. Start a strength training program.

Even if you are obese and on medication. Small changes will have big payoffs.

I co-own with my husband a small gym, and I also create on line products with follow along workout videos and meal plans. I have coached thousands of people into fit lives with more energy and less body fat. In order to get strong to live long, you have to have a plan.

Fad diets, medical weight loss, quick fixes and just walking are NEVER going to get you healthy and keep you healthy. Those methods will not give you more energy, but will make you starve and obsess about food. Walking is a great way to clear your head, and breathe in some fresh air. Not to mention get in some vitamin D from the sun.

Sure, you might drop a few pounds, but that will be temporary as the method you have used is not a lifestyle. And…if you lost weight it is most likely water and muscle. Muscle is the only tissue on your body responsible for strength and a faster metabolic rate.

If you think you are too tired to workout. Have lost you zest for life and feel that a fit body is a thing of the past…please click on this blue link and discover how to regain your youth, strength and vitality so that you can live long and strong.

Being strong and having strength and balance is the sure way to live longer, and with vitality. Do you want to prepare for the future with strength and be able to care for yourself? Of course you do. Or…do you want the alternative and end up in a Nursing home with someone in charge of your health and life.

I create follow along workout plans for women that are over 40, and too tired to workout for hours….but that understand how important it is to have functional strength.

Get Strong to Live Long!

Nursing homes, medication and weakness is no way to live. That is barely surviving. What you want to do is THRIVE.

Click on the blue link and get your follow along workout program for the most fit body you have ever imagined even if you think you are too tired to exercise.



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