Posted: January 14, 2012

We all want to be accountable for our actions, our goals, and our resolutions. Why, we ask ourselves, can we not make them stick? I will give you some great tips, on goal setting and resolutions, that are attainable.  You can do this. These are baby steps for now, but they will turn into a lifetime of good habits. Keep your plan very defined, a vague plan will flop. Follow these measurable steps, and watch each week turn into success!

1. Set one measurable goal for each day.
Write it down for the week. It is the beginning, make it simple.
    example:  Today I will drink 4 glasses of water
                    Today I will add a vegetable to my lunch and my dinner.
                    Today I will purchase fish oil capsules.
                     This week I will subscribe to a healthy cooking magazine (order Cooking Light from this site)
At the end of the week, look over your goals. Did you meet them? Were they too hard, or did you meet them every day? Now, plan next week. Add something that is a bit tougher. Remind yourself how great it feels to be in charge of your body, and your health. Add something physical to the next week.

2. Set measurable goals for the next week. Write them down.
     example: This week I will take 3 walks for 15 minutes. (pick a friend, spouse, pet)
                     This week I will buy a beginner workout DVD, and will try it twice.
                      This week I will try a complimentary workout week at a gym, or yoga studio.
                     This week I will book a personal training session, at my gym. (most offer one free)

At the end of the week, look over the weeks goals. Did you meet them? Feels good when you do right? You see, this is not about what you can’t, or didn’t do…not about beating yourself up.
This is about empowering yourself. This is about what you CAN do.

3. Take your measurements, and get your body fat, or BMR measured. Now make a plan to lose body fat. That’s right, a plan. In measurable steps, by diet, and exercise. Plan to get stronger by strength training. Plan to get leaner by clean eating
 Stay tuned to this site for more options on how to achieve this goal. One step, one week, one month at a time….until it becomes a way of life!
It is up to you. You are in control this year, and it’s going to be great. Keep looking for people, places, and options to keep you on track, and motivated. Taking control of your life is an accomplishment. Planning for better health feels great, so you can feel and look great forever.


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