Got A Flat Butt? 5 Tips on Getting a Stronger and More Shapely Rear

Posted: August 8, 2014

 5 Tips on Getting a Stronger and More Shapely Rear

If you are trying to run, walk, or do any other cardio to get a stronger and rounder rear, stop. If you are trying to diet to get a nicer shaped butt, you are doing exactly the opposite of what you need to do to shape it up. Are you a cardio only person? You are literally running your ass off! In order to get any strength, tightness, lift, curve, shape, or power out of your glutes, you need to use weights. And no ladies, not 5 lb dumbbells. You need to use full body moves that target everything from the lower back to the hamstrings, and I’m going to give you some tips on how to do it. You need to place a demand on your muscles that they are not used to. Methodically, and progressively.

To build a muscle you need to use a progressive plan that has you lifting heavier weights with lower reps and a longer rest period between sets. Keep the reps in the 4-8 range. Use one warm up set, then 3 working sets. This is a strong group of muscles and they will adapt quickly. Girls, start with 10 lb dumbbells and work your way op to the 45 lb barbell (again if form is great). As you get stronger, continue to add weights. And girls please…don’t be afraid to add too much weight for fear of “getting too big”. Ever see a girl who’s butt was too firm and round? Neither did any guy.

Here are 5 tips on getting a stronger and more shapely rear.

1.  Squat. Squats when performed correctly are the best way to change how your body looks, feels, and works (at any age).
Squat form must be perfect. Start with feet hips width apart. Hips begin hinging back as you lower butt to a position where quads are parallel to floor. Core it tight. Chest is lifted with eyes looking forward. Slighlt push knees out while tightening butt as you rise. When that is perfected you are ready to use either dumbbells, or a barbell.

2. Deadlift. This is definitely the second most important move in strengthening and developing your lower back, hamstrings and glutes. Again, proper form is imperative. Start with 10-15 lb dumbbells and work up to the barbell. As you get stronger, add more weight. A great tool that we have at our gym is a Trap Bar. Deadlift form is easier to get right with a trap bar. (check out YouTube for videos). Keep glutes tight throughout the entire movement, and chin and chest up with back straight. This can be done in the classic deadlift form, or stiff legged.

3. Walking Lunges. Nothing targets the quads and glutes like walking lunges. Hold onto 2 dumbbells at your sides and take a large step forward while the back knee almost touches the floor. Push the body back into starting position by pushing off of the front leg while digging the heel into the ground for stability. Keep chest up. This movement also targets the abs for stability.

4. Weighted Step Ups. Hold 2 dumbbells at your sides and put one foot onto a bench at least 12″ off the ground. Keep chest up and core tight. While keeping the foot planted, step up with opposite leg for 8 reps. Repeat on other side.

5. Jump Squats. This explosive move is a powerhouse. That is also why it tires you out so quickly! I save this one for the end of my leg and glute workouts, and usually get in 2-3 sets of 10 jumps.
Crouch down into a squat, and explode up with arms reaching above head towards the ceiling. Lowering in one movement with soft knees into the starting position as you explode up to each next rep. This is a killer move for muscles and heart rate.

Never forget that bigger muscles burn more calories even while at rest, so lower body workouts are imperative for those that want to drop some extra flab.

These 5 moves if done 2 times weekly with intensity, and some extra weight will change your profile and your rear view. Make sure you warm up. Make sure you have eaten a good meal about 1-2 hours before and re-fuel with a good protein shake from my Smoothie Recipes for Optimal Health E-Book.

Rest time is key, as that is when your muscles are actually rebuilding and growing. Proper nutrition will keep you energized to perform a workout like this, extra hydration and cooling down after the workouts will keep muscles supple.

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