Posted: January 10, 2012

Need to be energized? It starts with a grocery list. Pack your lunch from this grocery list, cook your meals in advance, and watch how you feel over the next few weeks. You will have energy to go to the gym. You will start sleeping better, dropping fat, and will feel energized!

This is a great beginning. Get rid of all unhealthy foods in your house. If you can’t bear to ditch it, donate it. Don’t try hiding it, you know where it will be. Be honest. Making the decision to have only healthy foods in your house is a big commitment. Use this grocery list. You will have the strength to train hard, and will love the way you look.
p.s. So will others!

Grilled chicken breasts……grill up a dozen, cut into portions, freeze. (ready for salads, lunches, dinners)
Canned tuna
Protein powder (take to work, add to water or milk, for afternoon snack)
Eggs    (hard boiled, easy to transport)
Turkey breast
Grass Fed or Pasture raised beef (less than 1/3 the amt. of saturated fat than regular beef) well worth the price, and has 3 x the amount of omega 3’s

Spinach (steam, use in omelets, add to protein shakes, and smoothies)
Brussel sprouts
Jalapeno peppers, red, green peppers (eat raw, add to salads, salsas, omelets, tuna)


Ezekiel Bread (any sprouted grain bread, tortilla, or muffin, organic frozen food section)
Sweet potatoes
Brown Rice
Lentils, and beans  (great to add to any salad, or as a side dish, add salsa, seasoning, stir into rice)
Steel Cut Oats

Olive Oil

Fat Free Organic Milk
So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut milk (great source of healthy fats) (in organic fridge section)
Low fat feta (add to omelets, salads)
Greek yogurt (non, or lowfat) great source of protein, great topped with berries, and almonds

Seasonings:  Cumin, Turmeric, Garlic, Mixed Black Ground Pepper, Lemon, Lime, Sea Salt, Paprika, Indian Seasonings. (go to Penzey’s spices….your mouth will water)

These foods will sustain your strength, keep you full, energized, and healthy! You will automatically start to lose fat, just by eating a clean diet.

Go shopping, and enjoy what clean, fresh foods tastes like. Experiment, and have fun. After all, life should be fun, and food should be part of it!

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