Gut Bacteria and Fermented Foods

Posted: October 12, 2018

It seems to me that the only time you ever used to think of gut bacteria was when you thought of food poisoning. Today we are seeing the words gut health and leaky gut everywhere. Gut bacteria and fermented foods are the connection with warding off illness and boosting the immune system. To keep our immune systems functioning properly, we must focus on digestive health.

Autoimmune disorders are on the rise. From leaky gut to IBS, to Crohn’s…digestive issues are a common reason for a trip to the doctor. Unfortunately, the medical community is not well versed in why these issues begin. So, they send you off with an antacid and tell you to eat better.

It isn’t always what we eat, it’s what we are missing that matters. We are nutrient deficient and that is why our bad belly bugs are taking over.

It’s important to arm your body with beneficial bacteria so that our intestines can ward off invaders. Our intestinal tract or “gut” is said to be responsible for 70-80% of our health. Hippocrates was right!

Foods that support the digestive process are key. The pre and probiotic foods are what create a natural defense inside of us. Its a detail about our nutrition that is one of the most important ones.

One of the most ancient ways to ward off illness is with bowls of fermented foods as in cabbage slaws, soups or kimchi type meals

At the Hippocrates Health Institute, they give a great recipe to a Raw Vegan Saurkraut. Click here for the recipe!

When you add fermented foods to your diet, you are increasing the army of fighters in your intestinal flora and creating a place for the good belly bugs to thrive and the bad belly bugs to die off.

Gut bacteria and fermented foods are the connection between warding off illness and boosting the immune system.

Be sure to fill your belly with kefir and homemade yogurts, Suarkraut, kimchi and other foods that ward off illness and boost your immune function every day!

The flu season is upon us. Be sure to arm your body with natural protection that starts with your gut!

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