Gut Health and Your Immunity

Posted: April 9, 2020

Our guts health is getting worse. With autoimmune disorders on the rise, you have to wonder what’s up right? Gut health and your immunity go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Hopefully that’s almond butter, on ezekiel bread and no-sugar fruit only spread. Do you see where this is going?

We were meant to fight off disease. Somehow, however the messages got crossed. It’s imperative now, that we pay attention to our gut health to stay well.

Some of you are probably asking. What exactly does that mean?

Our bodies are supposed to have built-in systems that keep us well. And, in a perfect world, ward off invader, toxins and pathogens the enter us.

Invaders can enter our bodies through skin, mucous membranes and airways. We come into contact with poisons in our food, air, and soil.

These days, our food is grown in poor soil and sprayed with chemicals. This is done to make it resistant to bugs and to grow faster. The animals we eat are injected with antibiotics to make them disease resistant. When we eat those animals, we eat what is in their systems.

Our immune systems are lowered and our risk for disease is raised.

Our intestines are supposed to shuttle out these toxins. From what we eat and absorb…to what we excrete, our guts are under attack.

Certain lifestyle practices can reduce stress internally and mentally. If you want to live a long and strong life, it’s imperative to adopt them.

Here are a few practices that will keep your mental and physical body in “fighting mode.”

  1. Be sure to keep your body moving. – Our bodies were meant to stay in motion. It can be yoga or weight lifting. You can ride a bike or do Zumba. Whatever it is…don’t spend it on the couch. This will make you age faster and invite obesity and stiffness.
  2. Keep a strong social circle. – Whether it be Zoom calls now with the social distancing or a book club of friends. Be sure to have a close inner circle you can depend on. And, a bigger group that you care about. It can be a church or a gym, work friends or a club. Whatever it is, keep it going.
  3. Eat for energy and to ward off disease. – Now more than ever, our health is at the forefront of our minds. You may be asking. “Am I strong enough to come through the virus if I get it?” Or, “why didn’t I take better care of myself?” What matters now, is that you do this starting TODAY. Ditch junk and excess sugar. Stay away from processed foods. You don’t have to follow a “named diet’ like everyone likes to do these days. Try to be mindful of what you put into your mouth about 80% of the time. Enjoy food, and experiment with new flavors. Try cuisines, and spices, and eat tons of organic produce.
  4. Support your gut and prevent toxins from entering into your body. Pathogens enter through the lining of your intestines. WE’ve lost touch with nature, that used to help in healing us. ION*Biome is one of the best ways you can ensure your body has a fighting chance. I highly recommend this to everyone. My parents that are in their 80’s, my son that’s in his 20’s, my husband and I take it 3 X daily! CLICK HERE TO GET THE LEADING SOURCE OF DOCTOR RECOMMENDED GUT AND IMMUNE HEALTH SUPPORT.

Restore your body’s natural healing connection with nature.

Let gut health and your immunity begin to work as one.

5. Be adventurous. – In our home during the quarantine…we’re trying to learn a new skill. I’m doing yoga every morning. My son is teaching himself Japanese! And, my husband is doing LIVE workouts from our living room. These are to our gym members while we are closed. The point is, we are all stir crazy and trying to be sane and happy! Learn to cook a new dish or follow a cooking site. Play a family game that involves acting or laughing! Plan for a family vacation at the end of the year to go somewhere in nature! Whatever it is…be open-minded, adventurous, and smile.

Our lives have been forever changed.

When this virus takes us into a new place in our lives a few months from now. What will you have learned? I am making it a point to educate my family, friends and readers about the importance of gut health. This involves our lost connection to our planet that we MUST restore.

Wishing you blessings of health, happiness and a long and strong life!

Be well,


ION*Biome – Healing on a molecular level as nature intended us to.

p.s. Nature is a loving healer and we should look to her for ways to thrive on the planet together.

*I am an affiliate of ION*Biome and receive compensation from qualifying purchases.

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