Heading for Disease or Obesity? Read The China Study.

Posted: July 3, 2013

Are you one of the many Americans that are headed for disease or already obese? I dare you to read The China Study and not change your life! Are you living a lifestyle that will ward off a future of illness? Are you eating mindfully and with purpose or do you just eat whatever is easy? America, we are in trouble. We are a society of large portions, large people and even larger insurance payments. We are sick, we are fat, and we are not going to get better until we take charge of what is on our plates. It is estimated that obesity and obesity related diseases cost us over 2 billion dollars annually. That number is not going down, and neither are our scales. Everyone that I know, and most likely everyone that you know (maybe even you)is trying to find the miracle pill or diet that makes us “skinny”. We follow fad, after fad in the hopes of losing weight. Instead of looking for foods that make us feel good, live long, and feel energized, we are still looking for the quick fix. We still associate healthy living, and living with energy to be a life full of sacrifice and discomfort. Why do we not think that colorful food is the way to a healthy life. It is the media that perpetuates fast food and tantalizes our late night taste buds, instead of having pictures of active people full of vitality eating tasty plants. There are the ads on TV, our friends on diet pills, and countless magazine articles that have all of us hoping to look into the mirror and see something better. What we stay in denial about is what is going on in our insides. Until we realize that our health is in our control, we will be doomed.

A plant based diet can make the difference between wellness…and illness. It is cheap, it is tasty, and it will change your life. I am talking about changing your plate from meat and dairy to a plant based diet. Of course if you did this overnight, it would be the way to drastic changes internally and externally. People that start a plant based diet drop weight quickly. I know someone personally that is 62 years old and after 4 weeks, dropped 8% bodyfat, and zero muscle. That is the hard to believe part for you meat eating body builders! Even if you gradually start adding veggies at every meal, you can make big differences. If you start replacing animal products with plants on a regular basis, you clean up your entire system. Now, you might be turning up your nose and only thinking of broccoli or cauliflower but there is more. Think of all of the colors of fruits and vegetables and how each one has the superpowers of antioxidants that clean out every system in the body of harmful toxins. Let me remind you that plants are the only living source of phytochemicals. These are in essence the very thing that nourishes your cells from your brain to your skin, while preventing the buildup of plaque that is caused by animal proteins.

In countless studies, animal protein has been shown to turn cancer cells on, while plant protein has literally shut down cancer cells and prevented them from reproducing. The China Study is a well documented, researched, review of countless hours and years of undeniable evidence that a diet of plants can keep you cancer free. This compilation of information shows us that there is a direct correlation between what we eat, and how healthy of a life lies before us. Furthermore, it makes us ask ourselves “why would we we turn on our cancer cells and feed them with animal protein, when we can completely shut them down with a plant based diet?” Why would I not feed my children a diet based on longevity? The choice is ours to make.

It is kind of funny to me that we have lists of things that supposedly “cause” diseases and/or cancer, but we ignore evidence that has been shown countless times that a diet loaded with plants, can do everything from cause you to drop body fat, lower cholesterol, and reduce the need for prescription medications:yet we still make unhealthy choices. Until we are faced with either diabetes, or a heart attack, this way of thinking doesn’t enter most of our minds. Plants, antioxidants, fruits and living enzymes should be the prescription of every doctor that wants you to extend your life. Not a prescription for medications that have side effects that are almost as horrible as the disease itself! Disease, obesity, and cancer fears? Read the book “The China Study”, or “Eat to Live” and tell me that you are not horrified that we live in a country loaded with sickness and childhood obesity that has the means to change, but won’t.

In “The China Study” part of the original tests were meant by the author to prove that animal protein was the healthy way to live. What happened over the course of the study (that took decades) was that the proof was right there all along. Not only did animal protein contribute to illness, obesity and disease, but that plant protein reversed every one of these. Yes, you read that right. Plants have the ability like no other substance when introduced to the body, to kill off cancer cells. Kind of interesting since the author of the book was raised on a dairy farm, and wanted to perpetuate a life of animal based consumption let alone his lifelong families income, let alone diet. He was actually trying to prove that animal protein did not have anything to do with cancer. After all, his family raised the cows, they were raised without antibiotics and ate a grass fed diet. Then his father died of heart disease. How could this happen? What he found through countless studies and using many test subjects from many walks of life, income levels, countries and genders was the same finding. That plant protein kills cancer, and animal protein “grows” it.

I urge you to read “The China Study”. Then read “Eat to Live”, then watch “Forks over Knives” and finally, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. Then choose on your own. You are smart, you have choices, and you want yourself and your children to live a long life full of vitality and free from disease. Right?

Now go eat your vegetables. Just like mom used to say.

In health and strength,


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