Health First…Your New Years Resolution

Posted: January 1, 2014

Happy Healthy New Year to All,

Resolutions made for a better life should always revolve around health first. We all know as we age, that the saying is true, “when you have your health, you have everything”. Nothing else matters when you are ill, diagnosed with a disease, caring for a loved one that is ill, or facing test results. Health IS everything.

When we are young, we feel that we are immortal. We most likely as teens never spent a moment thinking that we might be jeopardizing our health by what we eat or drink, or whether we got enough sleep or exercise. We just lived for the moment, and thought that our bodies would always feel and look good. Boy, those were the days eh? If we were lucky enough to be raised in a household that did not take health for granted, our home life was probably rare compared to most. If you are reading this and you are over 40, then you probably know where I am coming from. Most of us either came from a family that lived on meat and potatoes, a green salad here or there, and had mom’s that went on diets every once in a while. Most of our parents did what their parents did, and so here we are following the same path. Those of us that live knowing that what we eat and if we are strong as we age or not, are but a few. My mission is to educate and motivate others, so that they will live a life that is strong, vital and enjoyable.

 Unfortunately, as I look around me, I feel that that is where most of the issues with obesity lie. The idea that we either don’t have choices, or that “our gene pool” dictates our weight problems and health issues. There is so much information out there to tell us how to be healthy, and how to get fit, that some of us are just so overwhelmed with information that we decide to turn a blind eye. Then one day, we either get a test result that shocks us, or we just happen to see a picture of us “in a bad light” that makes us really take notice of our health practices. Or should I say, the health that we don’t practice. What is it about our society that makes us feel so powerless, and only try the quick fix of the week? Why can’t most of us get control of our health? Is it that we feel we don’t have the “willpower” that the fit people have? Is it that because we can’t see what is happening inside of our bodies we just choose to ignore what we put into them? How about a real good look in the mirror? Is your skin glowing, and are your eyes bright? Are your gums nice and pink and your breath fresh? Do you feel bloated after meals and want a nap, or are you energized and ready to take on another few hours. Hours that you cherish?

This is not a dress rehearsal. This is your chance now, in the first week of the new year to really take a look at your health practices. Ask yourself. Do I take my body and how it functions seriously? Do I care? Do I want to live a long, strong and vital life and be able to take care of myself? Or, do I want to keep on the road I am on, and make sure I have a lot of money put aside for health care, nursing homes, and my family to make sure the right person takes care of me later on in life. Scary eh? These are the questions that ARE reality. The best part? YOU have most of the control of what happens in your body. You can prevent obesity, prevent blood pressure issues, heart disease issues, and a host of other things that are brought on by poor health and dietary practices.

This is the time to assess your future. Your internal health. Your diet. Your exercise plan. Your life. So put aside all of those New Year’s resolutions that have nothing to do with really living. Make health your top priority. One day at a time. Set small goals that are attainable. Then make them bigger. Enlist a spouse, or friend, or family member. Accountability is the best way to keep you on track. Tonight when you go to bed, thank your lucky stars (or whatever powers you believe in) that you are healthy now if you are. Then plan to wake up tomorrow with a new plan of health.

Health First. Then everything else that happens in your life will be that much sweeter!

Happy, Healthy New Year to you all.



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