Healthy Aging after 50

Posted: November 12, 2018

Remember when you used to think that a 50 year old person was ancient? If you live in my world, you see both ends of the spectrum. As a gym owner that coaches and promotes healthy aging after 50, i’ve seen weak and I’ve seen strong.

Our life expectancy has just been raised to 84 years old. With medical technology and cutting-edge science, we are now able to live longer lives. But is longer always better?

Most people fear aging. From the idea of a deteriorating body and brain to having people have to care for us. Nursing homes are horrible places. Most likely if you are over 50, either your parent is in a nursing home, receiving care, or…has passed.

Are they or were they strong? Are you following in their footsteps if they were ill and weak?

I am very fortunate that both of my parents are alive and well at 83. I train them twice weekly. They are a perfect example of healthy aging after 50.

Below is a  blueprint of daily steps that will lead you to a long and strong future. One that you can look forward to and plan for. One without fear. One with vitality and adventure.

Here are steps to keep your brain engaged and your body thriving!

1. Eat for energy. Eat for wellness. Eat for joy!

Cultivate a healthier relationship with food.

2. Add in more organic produce that wards off disease while eliminating processed foods. 

3. Go outside and walk in the fresh air.

Get a little bit of sunshine every day. Connect with nature and breathe deeply.

4. Whether you are sitting or standing right now, straighten up, open and expand your rib cage. 
This will make you taller, your belly flatter,  and you’ll be able to take in more oxygen.


Every cell, from your brain to your bowels, need hydration. Most people over 50 are dehydrated and/or have digestive or bowel issues. Water is an easy cure!

6. Sleep at least 7 hours.

That means to plan for sleep as you’d plan for anything that matters. Make the room dark, and between 65 and 68 Fahrenheit, Turn off tech devices 45 minutes before you turn in.

7. Strength train to build muscle and balance.

Functional strength training is the best investment you can make in your future. People end up in nursing homes from falling and spiral downhill. Be able to squat, lift, push, pull, bend, twist and reach without injury!

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Before you know it, you’ll be looking at another birthday. Be smart and start taking action on making the best years the ones to come!

Coach Dawn



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