Healthy Tips for Women over 40

Posted: July 7, 2023

If you are under 40, then most likely, you’re not that worried about aging. It’s easy to lose weight still, you’re strong, and your hormones are probably on your side. Well ladies, that’s about to change. This is why I pride myself on sharing Healthy Tips for Women over 40.

First, you should know that I have been coaching women to eat for energy, stop dieting, and to get stronger for 30+ years. As a female fitness and nutrition coach, I know the mistakes I used to make and see them being made every year.

I have devoted the last 30+ years, to sharing tools, tips, summits, medical info, supplements, and how to age as strong as possible. My newsletter which I write weekly, is for women that are tired of being overweight, tired of trendy named diets, have unbalanced hormones, and are simply exhausted.

Women are the hardest working, most giving people on the planet. Unfortunately, we don’t give ourselves enough love, or time to relax and take care of ourselves.

As a gym owner and female fat-loss and wellness coach, I LOVE to help. The methods that I use are not what most coaches tell you to do. These methods are great for anti-aging, boosting energy, balancing hormones, and living a vital life.

I’ll never say “Omit this entire food group,” or, “weight yourself every day.” In fact, those are detrimental to mental happiness, weight loss, or getting to any healthy living goals.

Please stop following the nonsense.

It’s time to take care of you my female fabulous friends.

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Coach Dawn

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