Healthy vs. Synthetic Vitamins

Posted: July 28, 2013

Vitamins are a staple in most households these days. Unfortunately the ol “one a day” days are not the best way to achieve optimal health. Stress, and fatigue are common in our busy lives, and eating a fresh home cooked meal is not the norm any more. Fast foods and packaged entrees are how many of us get by.

Of course we know that a diet loaded with the beautiful colors of raw and cooked vegetables and fruits with healthy fats and lean proteins is the way to live. But is that how you are really living? Most of us are not, some of us try, and the others….well, they don’t pay attention to their health.

Hopefully that is not you. Hopefully, you are like me and stay on top of the most sound health tips, and the latest research that is not faddish. You do what it takes to be healthy. You don’t mind paying a bit more for organic and grass fed, and you try to eat fresh produce as you know your health in the long run, is what matters now.

Let’s get back to the vitamin issue. Realistically, we are not all eating 8-11 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. There is a huge impact on your health when you consume raw foods. Raw foods are immediately energizing to all cells. The heating process destroys many needed nutrients that our bodies could utilize. The best bet bet when you can’t always eat right,is to take vitamins and minerals on top of a diet that is geared towards longevity and disease prevention. Not just any supplement, but one that is raw, not over processed and one that the body will utilize. I urge you to learn all you can before you run your body into the ground, and end up fatigued and malnourished. Give your body the fuel it needs, so you can get out of it what you want.

Raw supplements for energy and vitality!

Let your body be the amazing machine it was meant to be. A vital life should be had by all.

In health and strength,


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