Heart Health Solution for Women

Posted: January 6, 2019

We’ve been told that women’s heart attacks are different right? And, we are eating to promote healthier hearts and longer lives, right? If you are ready to take your knowledge to a different level, then please join me in the global summit by clicking here > Heart Health Solution for Women.

This summit was put together by leaders in the field of women’s health that know we are being overlooked. Men’s heart health studies are at the forefront of science…but we are having to fend for ourselves.

Not any longer. Thanks to a group of medical specialists, cutting-edge leaders in the field of women’s health and by you taking action! If you are a woman that takes control and wants to live long and strong, then this summit is for you.


Meet Dr. Mark Menoloscino, the medical director of the Meno Clinic – Center for Functional Medicine in Wilson, Wyoming. With over 25 years in the field, Dr. Mark has maintained board certification in internal medicine, holistic medicine, advanced hormone management, and anti-aging medicine.

Every woman needs personal, emotional and medical care that is based on our intricate systems that are SO different from mens.

We need questions answered without feeling intimidated so that we can take control of our lives and our health. We ARE the ones that care for the world, our children, our parents and our families. Which is exactly why we have so  much stress.

Stress is a killer.

Women’s heart disease is a huge part of that, in addition to still being the leading cause of death in women.

Arm yourself with knowledge and join me in the summit, or purchase the program at a discounted rate here>  in the WOMEN”S HEART SOLUTION WELLNESS SUMMIT 

You’ll thank me from the bottom of your healthy heart! I promise!

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