Hip Flexor Pain Solution

Posted: September 26, 2018

For years, I suffered from lower back pain, with tight hamstrings and fatigue. Even after physical therapy, I still found that whenever I sat for more than 15 minutes…I’d get up with severe pain. I knew that what was hurting was my tight hip flexors but didn’t know there was a hip flexor pain solution.

Your hip flexors are what gives your body the ability to lift your leg up when you walk up the stairs. If you are sitting right now, then lifting your knee up is done by contracting your hip flexors.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to not have any restrictions on your movement so that you could be active and lose those few extra pounds?

This is an overlooked muscle that is so deep inside of your body, that it was overlooked by my physical therapist and my general health doctor when I tried to explain my pain.

Back pain, low sex drive, fatigue and nerve zinging are just some of the symptoms of tight hip flexors. The hip flexor pain solution is one that shows you a series of “follow along” easy to do, daily exercises.

These hip flexor pain relief exercises will not only stretch these tight muscles but help you alleviate chronic issues you never knew were related.

Low back pain can be life-altering. It is one of the leading causes of pain medication, time off work and a future of health issues.

It’s hard to believe that a few minutes per day of the right kind of stretches can alleviate something that devasted me for years!

As a fitness professional, I know that pain is no fun, and can lead to a worse outcome.

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