Home Workouts for Women over 40

Posted: October 24, 2023

If you are nearing or over 40, chances are your body has changed. Does it seem that no matter what diet you follow, you are still getting flabbier? That’s due to a loss of muscle. My home workouts for women over 40, will firm you up fast.

Dieting causes muscle loss. Muscle is the exact tissue you lack to have a flatter belly, and look younger. As we age, we lose muscle that is responsible for a tighter and younger physique, and, a body that is capable of movement!

As soon as you cut calories, you lose muscle mass. This adds to a flabbier mid-section, and a weaker you.

I have been coaching women only for 30+ years. The women who follow my protocol, and the home workouts for women in my follow-along videos – feel great. They not only feel great, they get stronger, have more confidence, and never need to diet.

If you have been doing cardio only and counting calories, you’ll lose muscle, and look flabbier. Flabby bodies look older, and are less capable of daily tasks as they are weak.

Click here for a follow-along program created for women by a woman…so that you can ditch flab and never put on another pound.

Slow the aging process and look younger than your years (and your friends) when you do these simple workouts at home!

Here’s to your new, firm and sexy body!
Coach Dawn

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