Home Workouts for Women over 40

Posted: April 28, 2022

Do you know how to workout so that you can reshape your body? What about if you’re at that age, where everything seems to be “moving South?” As a fitness expert, I’ve watched women make the same mistakes for years, trying to get rid of that layer of flab that won’t budge. It’s also why I created home workouts for women over 40.

Most women spend hours doing cardio, and eating less. Nothing could make a body age faster, look flabbier, or feel more miserable. I am sure that you know that what you are doing is not working.

You may even wonder if you can ever get your youthful figure back, and not have to hide behind layers of baggy clothing, or ever feel good about your reflection again.

I’ve coached women only for 25+ years. In the gym I own with my husband, most women come to me to lose weight. What they really want is a faster metabolic rate that burns fat, instead of storing it.

One of the biggest factors in looking older, and having more bodyfat, is losing lean muscle mass. Lean muscle is what keeps your posture great, your belly flat, and your buns perky!

Dieting and cardio strip away muscle, and leave you with a slower metabolism. Isn’t that the last thing you want?

Once you hit 40, your body has a slower metabolic rate due to a sedentary life, hormones, and poor diets. This is usually when women cut even more calories…making their bodies hold onto fat.

With my program of home workouts for women over 40, you can regain your shape, burn away excess flab, and look firm and fit. My workout program is done at home and targets specific areas so that you can boost your metabolic rate.

Boosting your metabolism is done by adding muscle, eating a nutrient-dense diet with enough calories, and NOT cutting out entire food groups.

Ladies, I used to be flabby and now I wear a bikini at 60+ as you’ll see in my picture ON THIS NEXT PAGE.

Stop the dieting madness, and walking for hours. Spend less than 10 minutes daily with something that is PROVEN to work.


I’ll be there to coach you along the way, as you feel and look amazing within the first week of starting this program you can do at home.

Sharing tools for us to look, move and feel better at every age!
Coach Dawn

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