Home workouts for women to get toned

Posted: June 4, 2023

Do you feel like you have spent every ounce of your energy doing cardio and dieting and still look flabby? Most women over 40, start putting on pounds and start seeing it land directly on the places they hate the most. My home workouts for women to get toned, are what I coach my clients to use, for the fastest results at home.

Dieting and cardio actually deplete the ONLY metabolically active tissue on your body. So, if you spend a lot of time sitting, and cut calories, and only take walks, you will get flabbier.

I have been a gym owner, and a female fat loss coach for 30+ years. Unfortunately, I made the same mistakes that most women make when I was in my 30s.

My body didn’t change until I changed the way I thought about food and exercise. That happened after I met a woman that was lean, sexy, and had small but defined muscles. She looked amazing. And, I wanted to look like her.

Instead of doing cardio on the treadmill like I normally did…I worked out with her in the gym one day. For a minute, I thought she was crazy when we did a short warm-up, and then a quick bodyweight workout and were done. Hours is what I was used to spending in the gym…with NO results.

When my body started to change in as little as a couple of weeks, I knew she was onto something, and I was ready for it.

Today is the day that you realize that what you are doing, is not making you fitter, leaner, stronger or look younger.


Say goodbye to those rolls on your waistline, that flab under your bra, and those jiggly thighs and flat butt.

It’s time to say hello to the younger and firmer you…that you never thought you’d see again.

Read this page til the end, and know that when you say “YES” to yourself, this will be the best decision you’ve made all week. Besides, no-one ever regretted getting in shape!

Here for your success,

Coach Dawn

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