Hormone Imbalances and Weight Loss

Posted: August 21, 2018

Weight loss is nearly impossible if your body’s hormones are not aligned. For women, this is usually a battle once they pass the age of 40. Hormone imbalances¬†and weight loss go hand in hand, and below…I’ll help you understand why you may be stuck and the scale is not your friend.

When we have enough leptin production, we are usually not as hungry or apt to binge. When we miss out on sleep, our bodies product ghrelin, the hormone that makes us crave what is usually not healthy.

From Menopause to monthly cycles, our moods, hunger and hormone levels can go from high to low. So, what’s a woman to do when the scale keeps creeping up, and our energy levels plummet?

I have been a women’s coach for 20+ years. I have seen the diet trends come and go, and the tears flow as women contact me feeling hopeless. I understand, as I used to eat diet foods, and slog away on the treadmill for hours. What happened was I was miserable, gained weight, and was always fatigued.


After finding out that I had a thyroid disorder that went undiagnosed for years, I changed my ways of exercise AND my ways of eating.

You may or may not have a thyroid disorder. But either way, there are certain practices that can halt your weight loss goals, and make your hormones work against you.

Too much cardio is bad for your adrenals.

Too little food is bad for your metabolism if you cut calories for too long.

Not all diets are good for women EVEN if they are the latest trends.

AND…foods that are loaded with chemicals will sabotage ANY weight loss goals and maybe even make you retain water, weight and keep you fatigued.

If you are looking for a lifestyle change that will double how fast you feel energized…look younger while feeling younger, AND eat tasty foods that fit into every lifestyle…


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Coach Dawn

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