Hormone Related Weight Gain

Posted: February 23, 2020

Weight gain seems to hit after 40. It seems that what you used to do, simply doesn’t work anymore.

As a woman that owns a gym and only coaches women…I feel your pain.

Most women seem to put weight on right around their trouble spots before Menopause hits.

Extreme diets make you feel exhausted and don’t produce results. From undiagnosed thyroid issues…to unbalanced hormones women feel terrible and want help.

I was one of those women, that cut calories and did tons of cardio. When I started to put on weight despite my efforts…I became frustrated.

Of course, I mentioned this to my doctor and they basically said “you’re getting older.” “Hormone Related Weight Gain is common!”

What? I wasn’t even 40 and my hormones were a wreck.

If you struggle with weight gain and hormone imbalances, I created a blueprint for you HERE.


As a female fat loss expert that was overweight at one time…I can help you.

I can help you reduce inflammation, discover what way is the BEST way to exercise for your age. And, I can give you a list of questions to ask your doctor if you are concerned about your age-related health.

No-one will care as much as you about your body. The women that come to my gym, have changed their relationships with food and exercise.

Even if you don’t have a thyroid disorder, your body is producing hormones that you can take back control of!

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