Hormone Replacement Therapy and Weight Gain

Posted: September 17, 2017

Hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings…Constant fatigue, bone loss and vaginal dryness…These symptoms torture many women going through menopause.So if a doctor tells you he or she has a patch or a pill that
can give you relief? Of course you’re going to consider it. But are you aware that there is a possibility of Hormone Replacement Therapy and weight gain?To say there is much debate about HRT is the understatement of
the century. Some doctors believe synthetic HRT is fine; others swear by
bio-identical HRT. The problem is, both are “replacements” for the real thing…
and that means there can be unintended consequences.

And that’s crucial because of what happens to so many women
around menopause. And that’s why Hormone Replacement Therapy and weight gain is something you should be “in the know” about.

What the Sciences Says…

The most important concept to understand about menopausal 
weight gain is this:

> Your metabolism slows by 35% in the 4 years prior to 
> And it slows an additional 17% in the 2 years after 
> So your metabolic rate is cut in half by 2 years after 

Now, here’s what’s interesting: HRT can actually increase
your metabolism.

A 2008 study in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity
showed women on HRT increased their resting metabolic rate
by about 10%.

That’s good news… until you consider this:

HRT can also increase your hunger hormone ghrelin by 360%!
That’s what a 2008 study in the Journal of Clinical
Endocrinology & Metabolism found.

So your metabolism goes up by 10%… but your hunger goes
up by 360%…

Hmm… what do you think can happen to a woman?

4 Tips to Protect Against Hormone Replacement Therapy and Weight Gain

Now, if you’ve been a victim of the hot flashes, mood swings,
bone loss, vaginal dryness and all the other goodies
menopause has to offer…

A little extra weight doesn’t seem like the worst problem in
the world.

But what if you could get relief without having to “live with”
those extra pounds?

You can!

It turns out that these “female hormones” that seem to be such
a big problem during menopause… can actually be your best
waist-slimming friends.

But to unlock their metabolism-boosting potential, you can’t
push them around… They push back… and then some. You have
to learn to work with them, naturally.

Fortunately, you can do this with just 4 small changes. The
problem is, each of these 4 changes is slightly different for
different women.

It all comes down to your “hormone type.”

Your “hormone type” is the unique balance of hormones that
drives your metabolism. Luckily, you don’t need a
complicated lab test to find out what it is.

My friend Dr. Jade Teta has just released an online tool I want
you to check out:

> It pinpoints which of the 7 hormones types best describes
> You get 4 metabolism-boosting tips customized for your
hormone type
> Plus a new type of workout that can work wonders for the

It takes just a minute and works great whether you’ve chosen to
use HRT or not.

==> Get Your 4 Custom Fat Burning Tips and Discover Your Hormone 
Type Here 

Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health and wellness in a body you love!


PS – One potential “side effect” of the extra estrogen delivered
with HRT is decreased thyroid function. That also can slow
metabolism and force on weight. That’s why these 4 waist-slimming
tips are so helpful (plus they work fast).

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