Do Hormones Affect Weight Loss in Women

Posted: February 25, 2016

Women think they have to be slaves to their hormones. I say no we don’t! How do hormones affect weight loss in women…well, the answer is complex. But definitely in many ways! It isn’t just one hormone, but the imbalance of hormones that causes such excess weight to be stored instead of burned off. So many women that see that 40th candle on the cake think that “life is over” and their body, sex drive and energy levels are doomed.Not so!

I am an women’s fatloss expert and have transformed many women’s lives…including my own. I have a thyroid disorder that keeps most women in a state of weight gain, depression, brain fog and lethargy.

Whether you have a history of gaining weight, a medical issue or are just getting older…there are many ways to combat aging.

For a detailed plan that tells you exactly what to eat to lose weight while increasing your energy levels to when you were younger…and follow along videos that can be done at home


Here is the do and don’t list to get you started to discovering how hormones affect weight loss and how you can overcome your hormones and take control so that you look and feel young and slim again without leaving your living room!

DO – Eat lean protein with every meal and snack.
DO NOT – Skip meals

DO – Eat organic fruits and vegetables (add 1-2 to each meal)
DO NOT- Eat fried foods, and canned or packaged veggies or fruit.

DO- Drink 8 glasses of pure water daily
DO NOT – Use artificial sweeteners, they create addiction in the brain and disrupt hormone levels.

DO- Eat foods that have detoxifying properties like asparagus, artichokes, cucumbers
DO NOT- Follow faddish or trendy detox plans that tell you will drop pounds in a few days.

Take control with daily steps that lead you towards energy, strength and a longer life. When you do that the weight will come off naturally.

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