Hormones and Weight Loss….the Key

Posted: January 5, 2015

If you have followed most trendy diets, you probably ended up starving, angry and binged the day you stopped. It wasn’t your fault that you gained the weight back either. It was the fact that you unknowingly altered your hormones by dieting. You most likely either cut out too many calories or cut out carbs and fats completely on this latest trend. You forced your hormones to slow down your fat burning systems and to keep the fat storing ones on overdrive. Sadly, you were not even aware of what was happening inside…because you lost a few pounds. Most diets have you cutting out foods that are necessary for you to keep hormones working properly. So even if you lose a little in the beginning, you set your body up for disaster soon after. Your hormones are mad and so are you. The weight comes back and even worse, sometimes a little more.

It isn’t about carbs, it isn’t low fat, it isn’t a diet that counts calories or limits foods you love. It is your Final Fat Meltdown and it will be the last time you try to lose weight and you will feel energized while losing it as soon as the first week!

We are slaves to our hormones. If we miss out on sleep, then we trigger our hormones to think we are always hungry. If you start the morning with a sugary muffin or bagel, then you trigger hormones that will make you hungry in an hour. Again, hormones are responsible for weight loss and weight gain.

I have an auto-immune thyroid disease. Most women that have this are overweight. It does not have to be that way and I am going to tell you why. I am also over 50, weight gain? Not on my body! I have to make sure that I feed my body what it needs, when it needs it. I also know that if I skip meals, or miss out on enough sleep, or don’t eat enough of certain nutrients, I will gain weight. Not only will I gain weight, I won’t be able to lose it easily. Same thing goes for the type of workouts that I do. Run on a treadmill for hours NO WAY….that is a fat storing plan for sure.

If you have spent years dieting and trying fad after fad, you have a broken metabolism. If you have spent time walking or running on a treadmill with the hopes of losing weight, you have turned your body into a fat storing machine. You can alter your hormones very easily by following certain steps that are very easy and enjoyable.

Discover how to manipulate your hormones as if you were very young and never needed to worry about gaining weight. I will show you how to eat steak, nuts and even chocolate…and still lose weight and keep it off.

FINAL FAT MELTDOWN is for all of you that have been mislead by thinking that tons of cardio and a little food was the way to a lean and tight body.That was me. (you can see my transformation picture in the link when you click on it!)

I am over 50, fitter and more confident than I was in my late 20’s. I know that my hormones will never control my life or my weight. I lost weight and kept it off for years and have NEVER followed a fad diet or trend in my life ever since.

You can lose weight for the last time in as little as 30 days! Click on the FINAL FAT MELTDOWN link and see how to get rid of the fat that keeps you bummed out, so that you can look forward to being fit and feeling confident as you look forward to 2015!

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