How to begin a diet and workout program

Posted: September 6, 2022

Some people have an easier time getting in a workout session than others. And, some have a plate full of veggies, lean meats, and rarely eat sweets…but don’t exercise. Most don’t know where to begin when they plan to get healthier and feel overwhelmed. I’m going to make it my mission to help you with how to begin a diet and workout program that you can stick to.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could plan and succeed at both? As a gym owner, and fitness and nutrition coach, I want people to succeed. After decades of making the same mistake that most women make, I am leaner and more energized than ever.

If I can have low thyroid, and be 60+ wearing a bikini still…then YOU can change your body as well.

Now I don’t mean working out every day in a gym or following a trendy or calorie-counting diet.

What I mean is finding time daily to MOVE your body, AND mindfully paying attention to what goes into your mouth…and your body.

I actually eat better than my exercise regimen. Now that may come as a surprise to you since I own a gym, and am not overweight.

Many people assume I workout every day. I do not.

Others assume that I am a vegetarian that doesn’t drink “since I am so healthy”. LOL.

I eat meat and animal products, and I love a glass of wine a few times weekly 🙂 Working out hard when I do, is more important to me than working out every day.

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When you begin a diet and exercise program, making time to move a little bit every day is a priority. So should be that you are eating whole, non processed foods.

Making sure you moe daily, is to be sure that I stay flexible, and have good blood flow.

Sometimes it may be a 15-minute yoga session, a 30-minute walk with my dog…or a few sets here and there of dumbbell squats, presses, and rows.

Here are basic steps to get started. If you want more detailed tips, and tools to optimize your health and help you live long and strong…enter your best email above to get my personal emails sent directly to your inbox. Promise I won’t share it:)

Basic steps to begin and diet and workout program:

  • Plan for the week and keep it simple.
  • Shop twice weekly, and stick to the perimeter of the store where you’ll find fresh produce, meat, and healthy options.
  • Don’t omit entire food groups.
  • Track your water intake, and aim for 1/2 of your bodyweight in ounces daily.
  • Aim for 1 gram of protein per lean pound of bodyweight. Basically, women should aim for 100 grams daily, men should be about 125-150 grams.
  • Exercise to build new muscles. This will keep your metabolism on fire and burn calories while you are not working out.
  • In order to see a change, you have to challenge your body to do something out of it’s comfort zone…but keep it simple in the beginning.

I move in ways that use my heart, lungs, and especially my muscles whether I am trying to build them to keep me strong. Also, to elongate and soothe them to keep me supple and free from injury.

My point is this. 80 % is great if that’s how much you do a “good job” with your diet and exercise program. But, remember that you can NEVER out exercise a really bad diet. Plus, you won’t be healthy and live longer if you only exercise, but eat crap.

We live in a culture where people feel bad about themselves if they are not following the diet that all of their friends are following, or working out with the intensity of a 20-something 7 days a week.

That’s not what YOUR body needs, and neither does mine to be healthy and happy.

Stop beating yourself up and struggling with exercise and food.

Be mindful of eating healthy about 80% of the time…and be sure to move on most days using your heart lungs and muscles.

Make peace with your body and try to treat it better than you did before and know that how you treat it today…is how you’ll feel, move and look tomorrow!

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