How to Build Muscle after 40

Posted: December 11, 2020

As we get older, we lose muscle due to sedentary lifestyles, and the aging process. This can be reversed by doing movement patterns that rebuild and restore the body. You can’t diet and exercise on the treadmill and think you will build muscle. The opposite will happen and you will look older and feel weaker. I will tell you how to build muscle after 40 here!

Stop doing only cardio for exercise. Too much cardio is actually taxing on the body and can make you lose muscle!

Starting a program to build new muscle tissue is what you need to reshape a body that looks old. You have lost what you need to feel strong and to look firm and young!

Resistance training, using bodyweight exercises, and dumbbells are the best way to reshape your body.

Even if you are too tired to exercise, or cannot go to the gym, you can do specific movement patterns that will reshape your body. They will also make you look better, move better and feel younger!

As a gym owner, I have heard hundreds of women talk about how old they feel they look.
The biggest problem is that unless you are doing something to rebuild lost muscle tissue…you will look older than your age.


I used to follow every diet, barely eat, and live in the gym doing cardio. When that didn’t work? I did it more until the point where my body got stuck and I literally broke my metabolism listening to young dude trainers!

I didn’t know until later how to build muscle over 40! It wasn’t until I met a sexy and fit looking girl that told me that what I was doing was sabotaging my goals!

She never did cardio! And, the crazy thing is that when I stopped running, stopped dieting and started focusing on building muscle…my body started to reshape and firm up within weeks.

I then created a program for the girls in my gym so that they could get the same results after we were forced to lockdown and close our gym due to Covid!

Click here to access my program with follow-along workout videos to reshape your tired body!

Forget working out for hours. Who cares if your diet has a name? What you want is an energized body that eats super foods and gets stronger fast. Of course you want one that moves better while getting firmer too right?

My program is simple enough for a beginner or the most advanced exerciser. The coolest thing about it is that you can follow along with the movement patterns and feel your body tightening up, after the first week of exercise!

Do you want to look in the mirror and see flab hanging over your stretch pants? Or, do you want to get out of the shower and do a slow spin while thinking how much better you look than last year?

Now is the time for you to get leaner, while toning those trouble spots starting today. Forget that you’ll be 40, or are 10 years older…wait til you see my bikini pix of me at nearly 60 on the page below 😉

Click here to get in on the 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret!

After you get access to my program, you’ll have access to me for life! As all of my lean and sexy followers will tell you…

See you on the firmer side of life!
Coach Dawn

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