How to Burn off the Most Calories

Posted: June 6, 2022

Most women who try to lose weight, cut out too many calories and spend exercise time doing cardio. Both of those are things that slow down the metabolic rate, as they both have the potential to deplete muscle. I’m going to help you understand how to burn off the most calories from fat – instead of losing firm and toned muscle tissue.

Do you ever see firm and muscular-looking toned runners? Have you ever seen a woman that loves to lift weights, or strength trains with a belly? It’s very unlikely!

Now, what about the physiques of a woman that lifts weights? Just so you know, I am not talking about those women on the stages that are unnatural looking and actually look scary. What I am talking about is lean, firm, tight buns, legs, torsos, and upper bodies. You know, the ones that look young, and athletic!

When I was in my early 30s I started to put on weight. So, I did what all women I knew did (and unfortunately, that’s what they are still doing…) and that was to follow an extreme diet, and do endless hours of cardio.

We want bodies that look good, and feel amazing, but who has time for hours of cardio?

I never lost weight, and in fact, I was miserably tired, started having hair loss, and felt worse. I would lose a few pounds, and then gain them back by Monday. So, I’d do it all over again for another week, and then it seemed that my body got stuck. It got stuck at a point where I never thought that I’d look or feel good again.

Thankfully, I learned on my own, after years of researching how to burn off the most calories. And, I found out how to do it without losing muscle.

  • The key to a leaner body that looks ageless is this.
  • Eat for energy and nourish your body with superfoods.
  • Take in the right foods to preserve and rebuild lean muscle tissue.
  • Exercise so that you build new muscle tissue and prevent age-related muscle loss.

The most effective, and permanent way to keep the pounds off is to focus on these four factors to a body that burns instead of stores food.

If you are female and over 40, click here to discover how to exercise at home, tone up your legs, butt, belly and upper body so that you never need to count a calorie again!

You can also check out my picture, and see how at 60+ I still rock a bikini. And, you can too 🙂

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