How to Burn the Most Calories

Posted: April 6, 2021

Everyone loves the little wrist gadgets that tell them how many calories they burn daily. But one thing people don’t take into account is how to burn the most calories with the right kind of exercise.

There is a pretty cool phenomenon that those in the fitness industry know. It is called the “afterburn.” That is when you create a “calorie burning furnace” inside of your body when you exercise…so that you continue to burn calories long after the workout session ends.

Do you need to exercise for hours to get this effect? Nope!

All you need to do, is use a specific pattern that uses your largest muscle groups so that you get the most bang-for-the-buck!

I used to exercise for hours doing cardio and following trendy diets. I depleted my muscles and kept gaining weight! I was exhausted and miserable. Luckily, I met a woman that changed my life when she explained the “afterburn” and how she stayed in shape with only minutes of exercise daily.

Now, at my age…I still wear a bikini. I feel great and energized. And, my body doesn’t store fat like it did when I was younger!

Women’s bodies need different workouts than men. Unfortunately, most women just do more cardio and eat less when they feel the weight piling on!

As a fitness coach and trainer to women…I know the struggles we face as we age. Aging throws hormones and stress at us and our bodies show it in our waistlines and fatigue.

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