How to focus on healthy living

Posted: May 19, 2023

After 30+ years of coaching women, my goal is to get women to realize that what they weigh does not matter. At least it does not matter so much, that you weigh yourself every day and either feel a “victory” or like a failure. What does matter is that you shift your thoughts to how to focus on healthy living.

The scale should not be the guide to your happiness.
The scale does not tell you if you are healthy.

The scale does not tell you if you are active.

What matters are these factors below.

And, if you are really listening – and want to live long and strong and lean, and with vitality…these are things you’ll start changing.

*Do you have a strong body, or are you thin and weak?

A strong body has good posture and is capable of activity, moving things, lifting things, taking the stairs, and loves daily movement.

Add in strength training, yoga, and exercise band work.

*Do you focus on losing weight and cut out many food groups while counting calories? 

Or, do you focus on whole foods, that come from nature, that nourish your body, and have few ingredients on the label?

A healthy person that doesn’t gain weight, or at least keeps their weight within a few pounds, will be happier, and have better health. If you only focus on “dieting” you’ll never win the battle. But, learning and acting on how to focus on healthy living is where positive changes are made.

Focus on what you are missing, such as fiber, protein, and prettier food. Try to ditch words like “not allowed” , “cheat meal” and that negative inner voice when it comes to your eating habits. 
Replace them with positive sentences that revolve around how you want to treat your body. 

The place you will live for the rest of your life!

*Do you have an optimistic and realistic view of aging? Or, are you thinking that just because you’re older, you should have a belly, and be moving slower?


A healthy mindset is the best tool you’ll ever have if you want to be in control of most of your health issues, keep your weight down, stay active, and live a life of adventure.

Find things to do outside the make you feel vital.

Try new things, that challenge your body.

Use sunscreen, but get some sun and fresh air.

Get stronger. That will keep the weight off because more muscle, means a body that burns calories even while at rest!

*Do you constantly weigh yourself and feel great if you’ve lost a pound or two? 

Or, do you rarely get on a scale, and use your clothes, or lifestyle to tell you if it’s time to “dial it in a bit?”

I urge you to ditch the scale and focus on moving more, eating more veggies, drinking more water, eating more protein, cooking at home, and loving the fact that YOU are in charge of your healthy or not life. 

Here is the point of this email.

No one knows what you weigh but you. But, what people do know is this.

Are you confident?
Are you active?

Do you look like you care about your health, or is it clear when you look in the mirror that your body needs an overhaul? (be honest;))

Do you disclaim every bite of food when out with friends, and say you shouldn’t be eating this? 

Do you strive to be healthy and it’s a way of life…

…or, is it a 3-day starvation plan when you have an event and feel like you have to squeeze into a dress?

Sound familiar?

It does to me, as it is what most women talk about – and ask me to help them with.

YOU have the power to change. 
Not to say “I’m going to eat healthy,” Or, “I’m going to lose 40 pounds.”

But right now, get up and go drink a glass of water.

Right now, tell yourself that you are capable of shopping for more produce, and cooking this week at home.

Get up and get your calendar, and mark off 3 days this week that you will do something active outside.

See. It’s the plan and the lifestyle, not what you weigh that will get you to a happier, leaner more vital life.

And the action is in the small daily changes that will lead up to a big payoff…and that is a healthier, stronger you…that lives in a body you love.

Sent with love,

Coach Dawn

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