How to Get Stronger at Home

Posted: December 16, 2020

Getting in shape can be simple. Instead of hours in the gym, or extreme diets…I’m going show you how to get stronger at home.

Functional Strength moves are what matter. The ability to bend, squat, lift, push, pull and reach for something are the moves that mimic everyday life!

As you age, a nutrient dense diet is important, but the ability to balance and engage your muscles is imperative as well.

In these videos, I am going to take you through a short series of moves that will help you engage your core, and focus on how to balance. They will also build lean muscle that you most likely have lost due to aging…and a sedentary lifestyle.

You will also get instructions on a couple of moves that will reduce back weakness, and help with posture.

Most people’s posture is directly related to sedentary lives and a “hunched forward position” that makes them look old and weak.

Forget the idea that your gym is closed or you don’t have time!

In my follow along video workouts, you can work out and get stronger in 7 Minutes Daily with Movement Patterns that create toned muscles.

Being able to take care of yourself is key. But of course we want bodies that move, feel and LOOK amazing as we age!

Warding off aging can be done with simple moves, as long as you practice them regularly!

Be sure to add in pulling, pushing and squatting moves to activate your biggest muscles…the ones you use for balance and everyday life!

Engaging every muscle in the right order is what you need to get stronger, look leaner and feel young!

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Now, more than ever, the future of your health matters. You have 7 minutes, and it will make a difference.
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Coach Dawn

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