How to get toned after 40

Posted: June 30, 2023

Most 40-year-old women, start to notice extra flab around their most troublesome spots. This is when they usually go back to cutting calories, and doing cardio. This method may help with a bit of weight loss, but it will make you actually flabbier. What you need is a program on how to get toned after 40.

I have coached women only, for 25 years. When I was in my late 20’s, I started to put on weight. So, I did what most girls were doing. My friends joined a gym and we’d do tons of cardio, and talk about how little we were eating.

Nearly all of us lost a little weight. But, we never changed our shape. As I got older, the flab got worse, and I was more miserable than before.

Finally, I met a woman that showed me how to re-shape my body, with short sessions that worked the biggest muscle groups on my body. The best part is that within a week, I swear I could see the difference. My confidence was coming back, and I stopped doing what never worked.

At that time, I had very little muscle, as dieting and cardio got rid of the little tone I had since I was forcing my muscle to be burned off.

Did you know that the more muscle you have on your body, the faster your metabolism will be? And, that every pound you lose, is usually mostly muscle, forcing your body to have a slower metabolic rate.

This is the reason we gain the weight back…and usually more.

It is also the reason our hormones are out of whack (low-fat diets are to blame), and we are fatigued, groggy, and miserable.

The simple and effective plan, is to eat more protein, the right kind of carbs, and to take in healthy fats.

When you combine this way of eating (not a diet) you will have tons of energy to do the program that will give you the tools on how to get toned after 40.

Here’s me in northern Michigan at the young age of 61. I’m 63 now and still wear a bikini as you will see when you click here.

If you are tired of dieting and omitting food groups, and have no energy to even consider a workout program…it’s not your fault.

We have been told over and over that we need a pill or a treadmill, and to cut out tons of food groups.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Click here to see how to get toned in 7 minutes daily at home with my simple and effective program.

I’ll be waiting to get your email on how fast your seeing results that last! The only thing you’ll regret is that if you don’t start this now, you’ll keep putting on the pounds, and feel like you’re aging even faster.

Here for your success,

Coach Dawn

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