How to Hire a Trainer for Results

Posted: August 26, 2016

Thinking about how to hire a trainer can be confusing. We all want results, but few trainers can deliver. Most people just go to any local gym that has a good location. Some get a Groupon, and some Google local trainers. I have worked out with trainers in the past and loved some, but fired others. I have been in gyms where people are working out with trainers and wondered why the person kept coming back. I have seen people working out with someone that clearly didn’t have their goals, or health in mind. Like they were some # that had the canned workout of the day…the one that everyone got.

In this article,..I will give you some steps to follow AND, some questions to ask :

“How to Hire a Trainer.”

Since EVERYONE”S goals should be to get stronger and put on muscle. (this is how you prepare for the future, raise your metabolic rate, strengthen your core, increase balance.etc…)… ask:

  1. Will you be using strength training techniques?
  2. Do you incorporate balance, single sided exercises, core, and multi-joint exercises?
  3. Do you include the warm up and cool down in the session?
  4. Do you train people over 40?
  5. What results are you looking for in me?
  6. Do you have a background in nutrition to steer me to the path of more energy and less body fat?
  7. Will you have me do separate cardio from weight training? (hopefully they say NO)
  8. Do you change the workout as my level changes?
  9. What tools will we be using and what are your personal favorites and why?

Google local gyms that have your interest in mind. Like kettlebells, Google kettlebells and your city. Like Yoga or Yoga AND lifting? Google that. When you find the place that seems like a good fit. GO THERE. Do a free class and interview the place. I speak to everyone that ever considers coming into our doors at and let them all come in for a free session. Personal training should be exactly that. What is PERSONAL to you, is what matters.

Above are a some of the tips that should matter. It’s your body and your life. Don’t assume that any trainer can do the job. Be strong in your questions so that you can GET STRONG!

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