How to Increase Your Lifespan

Posted: June 30, 2022

According to several studies done on mortality, there is one factor that trumps all when you want to know how to increase your lifespan.

It’s not how long your parents lived. And, it’s not about your gene pool. One of the key defining factors is whether you have enough muscle to stand on one leg and balance for 10 seconds.

Did you know that this simple-sounding act, when done regularly, engages your brain, AND every muscle in your body?

Now don’t click off yet until you clearly and fully get WHY practicing this move daily, will help you live a longer and stronger life.

If you have come to the age of around 40, chances are you have lost muscle.

Since most of us are not actively engaged in a strength training program, this is the time when our bodies start to show age. Balancing on one leg sounds easy, but most cannot do it without having to put down the other foot.

You may have gained weight, and lost strength. When you lose muscle mass, you lose the ability to balance. This is also the time when the extra weight starts to show up on the places we hate the most.

Have you started to get more fat around your waistline and back, belly, and arms? These fat deposits are your body’s way of saying “challenge me more before I deteriorate!”

Here is another exercise that strengthens your posterior chain for lifelong strength.

I’ve been coaching women (and some men) for 25+ years to get stronger, leaner, and to look and feel younger.

In the gym that I co-own with my husband, we have shifted how people look at aging.

Now, let’s get back to that single-leg balancing act. If you want to know how to increase your lifespan, lose extra pounds, and firm up so you can live long and strong…GO TO THIS NEXT PAGE.

It’s time you look at the future with excitement and adventure like my parents in their mid-80s do!

Turn back the clock and read the entire next page when you go here, so that you can live in a strong body that takes you through life!

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